truck Drivers are essential to society in Denmark these days. It is those who make sure that there are goods on the shelves in the supermarkets.

Yet, they are greeted by poor conditions, when they are running around on the Danish motorways.

It tells the lorry driver Thomas Andersen Wednesday to B. T.:

“We can’t get a bath right now. It closed down for Monday. I have a colleague who applied after a bath from Frederikshavn to Aalborg. It is grotesque.”

Thomas Andersen is employed by AKC Transport. He runs 12 to 13 hours a day from Sunday to Friday. It means that he spend the night in the truck.

the lorry driver added that he may take the alternative methods in use, when the rest areas and gas stations are closed for bad, in order to be able to hold its own air out.

“Now I am running the old truckervask, if I don’t have wet wipes in the glove compartment. It is of course not optimal, and you feel gross on the third day. And my own smell is not nice. It is obnoxious.”

Thomas Andersen says that he under normal circumstances would grab a bath every other day.

And he is not the only one who think it is disgusting without a bath for five days. It seems the boyfriend of Lea Jakobsen also.

“It is to puke over. It may not fit, that you can’t get a bath in today’s Denmark. They are disgusting, so much the drivers are going to smell after five days without a bath.”

Lea Jakobsen adds that she believes it is important that drivers maintain a good and healthy hygiene:

“I am aware that a truckervask can cope with a lot, but it removes not all the bacteria.”

B. T. has on Wednesday been in contact with the Danish Transport and Logistics (DTL). Here one has a slightly different view of the situation on the Danish motorways.

It tells managing director Erik Østergaard:

“of course We are familiar with the problem, but reports in the recent past has nevertheless been that the situation has normalized a bit. But of course it’s not okay, that the situation has been, and perhaps is such, when the lorry drivers are so important in our society right now.”

Erik Østergaard adds, that the danes should be happy for the work as lorry drivers carry out for the time being:

“It is really positive that there are goods on the shelves. The traffic flows easier for the trucks on the roads, because the cows are smaller than normal.”

Erik Østergaard says, concluding, that it is important that the drivers have the opportunity to clean toilets, sinks and bathing facilities.

he Therefore expects also that the Danish road directorate will make even more out of cleaning the coming days and weeks.

the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, said at a news conference on Monday that Denmark can gradually begin to open again after easter, if the citizens continue to keep distance to each other.