The Horror-the fall of Chris Froome (34) moves the Cycling world. And even before the Tour de Suisse Holding. With his Team, Ineos, the heads of Smoking. What do we do now? How do we distribute the roles? The focus is on the two remaining riders, last year’s Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas (33) and the Colombian hope Egan Bernal (22) are.

a Hotel near the motorway, the two talk for the first time about the new Situation. Seven journalists were invited. Listen to first Bernal. “It’s really bad what happened with Chris. We had this year in the Team a lot of falls and injury, I was already in for the Giro And now this.”

He could not yet say how the Team tactics for the Tour de France (6. to 28. July) will look like, so Bernal. You need to talk first with Team Boss David Brailsford. “I’ll respect it when he says that Geraint is the only Leader. Because I’m only 22, I still have many years ahead of me. It’s about trust. At the moment, I’m no Stress.”

“We as a Team have only one Option less,”

Bernal white: How one calls into the forest, round and round it. Especially in the case of Ineos (formerly Sky) – a Team, the appearance like big cocky, sometimes arrogant and internally tough it can be.

Bernal is an exercise in caution. Although he was at last year’s Tour de France in the mountains, the Strongest and only too happy to have attacked. At the time, he did not hold back, helped Froome and wich later Thomas from the side. A back door is open is Bernal this time. “Who knows what will happen on the road?”

Until a few days ago, it was clear that Ineos would compete with Froome-Thomas-double-top. Now, however, Froome is in the hospital. He broke his while Visiting the Daphiné-time driving the neck, pelvis, elbow, and thigh.
Thomas told of how he learned of his accident: “I was at home in Monaco, just came back from Training. As I looked at my phone and saw a message from our press man. I could hardly believe what stood there. It was a big shock.” First of all, he didn’t know what he should think. Shortly thereafter, he called Froomes wife, Michelle, for your encouragement. At the same time he knew: “I already had bad falls. But I was never in a house wall. It’s terrible.”

Thomas is happy that he has to Froomes failure in the Ineos-hierarchy in a more sheltered role. “We have as a Team now, one Option less.” As for Bernal and a possible internal struggle, from waving to Thomas. He says: “Egan is a super driver, a great talent.”

A Tour de France Chris Froome. Many will rejoice, because the heart of the Fan-mass he never captured – also because of the constant Doping rumors. Still need to get used to all of the first to the new Situation.