April is just around the corner and it’s a new month brings a change. For a good overview.

the birth control is free for women under 25 years old

the Contraceptives are free to women up to the age of 25. The “morning-after” pill, is completely free of charge, regardless of their age. It’s going to be a decision of the minister of public Health, Maggie De Block, for which a royal decree in mid-February, it was approved.

The action as part of the budget for the health sector for 2020, which is at the end of last year, it was approved. The age limit for the compensation of ‘contraception to young people has been increased from 20 to 24 years of age, and the age limit for the contribution of the “morning-after” pill from a 21 years old, it will be deleted.

The government will make € 6.9 million per year for operations.

the Higher the co-payment for non-contracted physiotherapists,

at the Beginning of this month, and it was 84,5% of the physical therapists adhered to in the management contract between the profession and the Riziv / inami, which, since the beginning of this year and will be in effect. That is reported to the Riziv / inami.

One of the consequences of this is that the reimbursement for the health care of all of the benefits in kind provided by non-admitted physical therapists as of april 1, with one-quarter may be reduced. This means that the contribution of the patient, the patient’s co-payment, you should be able to lie down. Patients that physical therapists may also be fees to pay for the fees that the physiotherapists are able to charge. The higher the co-payment does not apply to patients who have a right to an increased allowance.

with The increase of the co-insurance applies up to the end of the contract, up to the end of 2021.

Belfius and BNP Paribas Fortis will attract rates.

BNP Paribas, Fortis bank and a government bank of Work to draw from this april, a number of bank rates on.

if you Work to increase the rates for manual overrides. The rate will rise from 1.25 euros to 2 euros a manual override. Customers will continue to be entitled to a 24, free of manual transfers per year. Also, the shipping costs for the bank will rise. Each shipment increases, the rate of 170 euros to 2 euros. At Work, it is to be told that there is a lot of free of charge and in a non-digital rates are in existence.

the Customers of 70 years of age and older are also exempt, has a Work to decide. They have unlimited use of manual overrides to do a double-take. The transmission of the account statements shall, in addition, free of charge, once per month.

the BNP Paribas Fortis bank charges for customers, from april 1 to 2 euro for a paper transfer.

the Minister for Consumer affairs, Nathalie Muylle CD&V). after the announcement made by BNP Paribas Fortis to let you know that the prices of paper-based credit transfers “excessive” is.

the Lower the charge in the pleziervaartsector

The rates apply for registratiebrieven and handelsplaten for boating begin on april 1, down. The low prices as a result of a series of administrative simplification, and the further digitalization. The office of the minister responsible for the North sea, Philippe De Backer (Open VLD) points out, however, that, “in view of the current situation and to get everything signed and get published with a few days ‘ delay to go”.

when the new law on boating, that is now two years old, there is a unique registratiebrief. In the place of the vlaggenbrieven of the sea, and immatriculatiedocumenten on the inland waterways. The application process is to simplify and to capture, can be saved.

in Addition, the number of applicants is decreasing. The new law requires a bond in Belgium for a pleasure vessel under Belgian flag, to be able to register. That is, the number of foreign – often of dubious” requests are reduced, as the workload is expected for The Backer.

as of april 1, the fee for the parts of the kleinzeilerij go down to 30 euro. For the rest of the vessels will be 50 euros. Previously, this was 150 euros. The merchants in the craft at the march handelaarsplaten requests for tests or demonstratievaarten. The price is € 150 for the plate and € 75 per extension.