In Sverdlovsk oblast child is engaged in employment of 11 permanent and 50 only opened in the municipalities of youth labor exchanges.

Guys deliver mail, digitizing the library collection, and from the age of 16 take their assistants on industrial enterprises. Of course, they can perform agricultural work, planting flowers, work on cleaning.

For their work, students on average could get seven or eight thousand rubles a month. Only through a youth exchange before the end of the year will employ 13 thousand people.

In St. Petersburg every tenth teenager, who age has a right to work, looking for the opportunity.

“In the garden, the farm they are always welcome, because “high season” of workers lacking – said “RG” head of the active programs the city Centre of employment of the population Natalia Chernega. – Pleases that every year about 20 percent of boys comes to the same work again.”

Working teenagers for four hours five days a week (this rule is valid in all Russian regions). St. Petersburg schoolchildren in parks and gardens can earn up to 9.5 thousand rubles per month, plus financial assistance – 1.5 thousand.

However, in Petersburg there are other jobs for school students for the summer. You can, for example, to try his hand at journalism – produce content for websites adolescent and youth clubs.

In the Rostov region has already appeared nearly a thousand vacancies, which can claim teenagers from 14 to 18 years. Wages not below the minimum wage in the region -12 130 rubles.

a Large demand for workers for landscaping, worker, assistants in various fields where happy to take and students. Many Teens are looking for work through the Internet.

15-year-old Alexandra Dankova one of those who wants to earn money: “I went to ninth grade. Ready to take on any job. For example, I can walk the dog, help with the cleaning, the errand as a messenger”.

Omsk because of the pandemic, the labor summer for the scholars was delayed for more than a month. Work started just this week with the observance of all safety measures. Plans to employ eight thousand teenagers. And nearly 70 percent of them in rural areas.

in Addition to the cleanup and landscaping, they will work as couriers, to help educators in the school yards and camps. For urban students, their shop will open in Omsk factories.

in addition to the salary, each entitled to material support of the regional budget in the amount of 2 thousand 150 roubles. Thus, for a month average of the Omsk student can earn about six thousand.

in addition, under his wing teen takes student construction brigade (MTR). Earnings here can be up to 15 t��of thousand rubles a month. However, it is not just about money.

“the schools should be team leaders, volunteers, who will reach others. Construction practice shows that the guys passed her, actively involved in social life, the faster you get older, you begin to understand what discipline is and what the price of money,” – said the head of the staff of student groups of the Siberian Federal district Alexey Potato.

Poll “WG” working students showed that the money they going to spend on serious cases.

In St. Petersburg, some guys said they want to help their parents, others to pay Tutors, and others – on new clothes and gadgets.

Alexander Yankovoy from the Rostov region to go to school for another three years, but she is already thinking about the Institute: “Now my task is to find a job that will help to dig to study at the University, – said the schoolgirl. – Of course, I hope to do on a budget, but it is always better to have a spare variant”.

to spending money, for many teenagers is generally not an end in itself. More importantly, said many students of the Sverdlovsk region, to gain the first experience in my life.

And some young people are investing in their business. For example, a high school student Nikita in your 3D printer produces parts under the order: gear, wiper machine, gearboxes. For the product he is paid 500 rubles. And he already bought for his work, more powerful equipment.

There are teenagers who try to cash in on the gadgets for remote operation. Anyway, the coronavirus has made its corrections in our lives. So, Marat from the village of the Cretaceous of the Ulyanovsk region admitted that all the money from working on the school grounds will be spent on extra “bells and whistles” for the computer to make it easier to learn in a pandemic.

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