for example, If our country is to decide which of the measures to be taken against the corona virus can be reduced, it will be in stages to be done. A group of experts should be appointed to assist you. That is, has the premier Wilmès on Thursday, the parliament said.

finally, Prime minister, Sophie Wilmès, announced on Thursday that a group of experts at a high level, you will begin to prepare for a gradual exit from the Belgian lock-down for one month.

The group is co-chaired by a member of the scientific community, and our health, substantially, remains. The scenes are like, Marc Van Ranst Steven Van Gucht, said. Also, experts from the economic and social world will have their say.

“We have to prepare for is a scenario to get out of this crisis,” said Wilmès on Thursday during a plenary session.

Last week, it became known that the action would have to be extended at least until the 19th of april , with the possibility of a further extension, until may 3. It all depends on how it continues to evolve. But that does not mean that the behind-the-scenes, though, should not be used in the start-up of all things.

the Minister of the Economy, Nathalie Muylle CD&V) recently said that the re-opening of schools, priority should be given to any other company.

you can Also use the surgical masks were also discussed. In the past week, quite a few have been delivered, and there is still a dire shortage of surgical masks in some parts of the health care system. Several members of the government were about to ask, during question time in the Chamber, but the answer of the prime minister and the ministers in charge were not all of the questions weggommen.

the surgical masks

“I just want to remind you that there is a shortage on the world market, not just in Belgium,” said prime minister Sophie Wilmès (MR), which states that there will be a list of priorities has been drawn up, with priority for health-care personnel.

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the Minister of public Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD) reiterated that it makes no sense to have a protective mask to wear, if you are not a worker you are or are not sick. “They have little added value, and give you a false sense of security. Let us, please, reserved to the professionals. I’m also calling on the politicians to be no more unrest in society.”

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