Spectacular return-action in the “Cologne 50667”!

The RTLZWEI series has been running for seven years, with now over 1800 follow. In addition to the last year due to a tragic car accident the deceased, Ingo Kantorek (†44) had mainly a cult figure: Pia Tillmann (32) alias Meike Weber!

The blonde was part of the first cast. Their story began with the love relationship to Alex Kowalski (Kantorek), for which you moved from Berlin to Cologne. Pia was almost 400 episodes long in the Reality Soap out of rose but 2014.

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Now you will return to the iconic Soap! Pia Tillmann to IMAGE: “It is time to come home! ‘Köln 50667’ and the city are such a big part of my life and I’m so happy that I can again be a part of it. The series has developed enormously in recent years continue, many of the members I know personally. Therefore, it is also for me a reboot.“

when you will be back in the series, because of the Corona pandemic is still unclear.