Belgium’s history. As the first country in Europe and we are on our way to our football league is not on the field, but at the green table, to make the decision. On the 13th of april, in the twenty-four teams in the Pro League together. Five voetbalwijzen wait for the job to the nodes of the European competitions and promotion/relegation to the handle.

1. Peter Croonen, chairman of the Genk, belgium, chairman of the Pro League

This is an entrepreneur and lawyer, is the son of the ex-Genk chairman of the Louis Croonen, and this was followed last year, with Marc Coucke as the chairman of the Pro League. He was the first to have a lack of willpower blamed for that, but it was his dilomatische qualities and Thursday, have an important role to play in the resolution of the board of directors. It Is in favour of a classic formula, with a penalty of the play-offs next season.

2. Michel Louwagie, director of AA Gent

The native of bruges, with more than thirty-year career in the langstdienende manager in the first division. Just like the president’s well-The White one, he is an advocate of the formula of the play-offs. Besides football, he is also the honorary president of the Belgian swimming federation. A barrel full of experience.

3. Joseph Allijns, president of KV Kortrijk

in The West of Flanders, a lawyer, was once a candidate back, and has been for many years, behind-the-scenes activity in the Pro League and the belgian football association. It played a crucial role in the scaling down from 34 to 24 profploegen. To herald the “F11” group of eleven small clubs and bars in 1A.

4. Eddy Cordier, CEO of Zulte Waregem.

as The chief executive officer of Essevee it was just two weeks ago, one of the first clubleiders who, in a letter to his colleagues, proposed to the season’s premature end. As Allijns take it to small clubs.

5. Philippe Bormans, manager of the Union

maastricht, The manager of the Union, he was a lawyer and used to work at STVV. He is the 1B teams in the group.