designer bags can cost a pretty penny. But for some it is worth the investment, Some models never go out of fashion and will accompany us to eternity.

Balenciaga: Motorcycle Bag

A luxury part, the looks, thanks to riveting and rice floor locks constantly, and cool. Label-a sign you are not looking for this model in vain, even elegant Bling-Bling leading the Motorcycle Bag by Balenciaga.

Chanel: 2.55

in the Meantime, in 1955, launched a 2.55 bag from Chanel as a grandma-accessory dismissed was. Incorrectly! Because even today, the model is considered to be the classic at all. The quilted pattern and the leather by shaped superstructure, attached chain link strap make the handbag what it is. Available the part is available in all colors.

Chloé: Faye

This model is still a toddler among the classics, but has it brought in this time already has a huge fan club out. In the summer 2015 collection, the Faye by Chloé was launched, and since then, you can be with your from the 70s inspired Look and her eye-catching clasp, women’s hearts beat faster.

Dior Saddle Bag

Saddle of Dior has experienced in the last year a veritable Revival. It is actually an old Acquaintance: In the autumn of 1999, the model was brought under the leadership of the former Dior chief designer John Galliano (58) on the market. As with the years the spirit of the times changed, she was taken in by Dior from the program. However, in the last year’s Vintage have been spotted-Saddles on Instagram again and again to the Arms of influencer inside. Today, the classic is available again and glows as an eye-catcher in all colors and Patterns.

Christian Dior: Lady Dior

the trademark of Lady Diana (1961-1997): the Lady Dior bag was. And not just because of the name similarity. The model with the fixed strap handles and the typical quilting was the faithful companion of the late Princess.

Givenchy Antigona

With the masses, the Antigona bag from Givenchy offers plenty of storage space. Her textured cut, every Look and makes the model to an all-time perfect companion.

Gucci: Dionysus Bag

for years it is considered to be one of the It-Bags of Fashionistas: The Dionysus Bag from Gucci is in the 70-years-Style and attracts with its double-valve and double-headed lion closure in the spell. The Old-grandma-pattern is modified by splashes of color and glittering appliqués.

Hermès Birkin Bag

it is the most legendary handbag the history of fashion. The Birkin Bag from Hermès is named after the British actress Jane Birkin (72). According to the legend, this should have in the year 1981, the former Hermès Chairman Jean-Louis Dumas, (†72), in the plane hit. The actress complained about the poor workmanship of your bag and the fact that there is no simple, large handbags. Short-hand Birkin outlined the handbag of your dreams on a napkin. Dumas was your idea, then in the fact, and named the bag after its Creator.

Since 1984, the Birkin is handmade Bag by hand working. Due to their high price and the low number of copies produced, it is also more of a status symbol, than a simple It-Bag. Between 9000 and 150’000 US dollars, a model can cost as each bag is made with great effort. The waiting time is accordingly long, but it’s worth it: The luxury part does not lose even after decades of its value.

Hermès Kelly Bag

another model of Hermes, which was named after a famous woman. Originally, the handbag Petit Sac skin à Courroies was called. A boring Name can hardly notice someone. As the actress and later Princess Grace Kelly (†52) holds in the year of 1956 your bag from Hermès in front of the belly to hide the first curves of the pregnancy, Petit Sac skin à Courroies is world-famous and from now on, plain and simple Kelly Bag called. Thanks to the timeless cut and the simplicity of the handbag is still a hit.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

One of the most popular designer bags in the world, the Speedy Bag by Louis Vuitton. The round classic with the famous monogram optic fits to any Look and is considered to be one of the cheaper models of the designer.

Prada Double Bag

suits for Business Outfit but also for an easy Casual Look. Its simple Design and the straight-line Occur to make the Double Bag by Prada to the sought-after bag she is.

Saint Laurent monograms

Who is the big logo that goes with this model. The small monogram shoulder bag by Saint Laurent boasts a simple cut and stands out with the large “YSL”Logo in the eye.

Stella McCartney Falabella

The chain look gives the Falabella bag from Stella McCartney with a rocking Touch. Nevertheless, it fits with your simple cut to more elegant Looks. In addition, the model is a quick-change artist: you can wear either the two handles or you can fold the Falabella and throws them with the longer chain over the shoulder.