Because she forgot to close her windows in warm temperatures, Jess goes public. She warns of the consequences: “Oh my God, I’m going to cry!”

After a young woman in the UK had a terrifying experience, she is warning others about the dangers of opening windows in the warmer months. According to TikTok, Jess opened her window to let in some fresh air and left her light on, which attracted a swarm of insects.

Jess says, “No, I’m starting to cry. I left my windows open for two days. I just looked at the ceiling. Oh my God, I’m going to cry. They really are everywhere. What the hell? What should I do?” Jess says hundreds of bedbugs had invaded her bedroom and were all over the ceiling. She was so shocked that she fled to her parents’ bedroom to spend the night.

Her viral video was viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Many users shared their own experiences, including one who wrote in the comments: “This happened to me last night omg I wanted to cry. I spent a whole 40 minutes soaking them up.”

Some users also suggested that Jess could install a window screen to prevent future insect invasions. Others recommended using insect traps. One wrote: “Happened to me too, I made one of those jam and fairy liquid traps and slept on the sofa and when I came back there was none in the jar but none on my ceiling either.”

To avoid being bitten by mosquitoes at night, it may be worth taking a shower before going to sleep. The animals are usually attracted by smells. Avoiding soap with strong odors can also help.

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