They will not fit in the mouth cheap false teeth disappointed mistress

British housewife bought a cheap veneers (onlays, replacing the outer layer of the teeth) and was disappointed in my purchase. Her story publishes Daily Star.

the 30-year-old Sarah Hamilton (Sara Hamilton) has acquired new teeth in the online store Amazon for almost four pound sterling (369 rubles). According to the woman, she was unhappy with her smile after diabetes led to the destruction of her teeth.

the heroine of the material said that he had decided to buy because of the good ratings on the website, low prices and the manufacturer promises to fix the teeth for a “few minutes.” However, after receiving the package, the housewife “nearly died laughing” when he tried to wear his teeth.

posted by the woman in the photo you can see that the white veneers do not fit in her mouth. The distressed shopper sent pictures to family and friends to raise their spirits during the period of self-isolation.

“She was so white and huge that I felt hysterical when I put them on. I couldn’t even close his mouth not to talk,” said Hamilton.

In February it became known about the clients who lost their teeth after the whitening procedure due to inept doctors. Its history has shared one of the victims. Clare Clark (Clare Clark) said that after a visit to a cosmetologist and she could not eat and speak, as her upper lip was swollen. The swelling went two days later, however, the client suffered from blisters in the mouth a few more weeks.