TV presenter Roza Syabitova said that her classmates bullied her at school. The star admitted that she grew up in a dysfunctional family, because of which she had problems with education and socialization.

The presenter noted that in the first grade she could not read or write. At the same time, in the lower grades, it did not matter to the children whether their classmates were from a poor or rich family. But in the middle and high schools, a system of ranks began.

– I was constantly being smacked. My ranking system was called “bottom”, absolute bottom. Because I’m from the poor, from a family of alcoholics, I don’t know anything about my studies, since no one was engaged with me at home — ” he quotes To Sabitov.

Before that, Sabitova revealed the secret of how single women can win the hearts of men. The grandmother of the TV presenter always reminded her that her husband should be well and tasty to feed. This wisdom Sabitova passed on to her daughter

On June 4, actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva admitted that she keeps old things that are “hard for her to part with”. The actress added a photo with old pots and spoons to the publication.

Old Soviet dishes, Christmas tree toys and much more are dear to Guzeeva and form part of her memory. She is not ready to part with these things, despite third-party admonitions that it is high time to throw them away.