Eintracht Frankfurt made a guest appearance at Bayern Munich on Saturday evening. Both teams parted with a 1:1; the “Adler” were able to equalize after an initial deficit.

For the fans from the Main metropolis, however, there was already a reason to celebrate in the afternoon. There they in turn defeated an opponent and scored an “away win”, as they chanted loudly “t-online” on Marienplatz in the heart of Munich.

What happened? In the afternoon, supporters of the lateral thinker scene held their weekly protest in Munich, talking among other things about the World Health Organization (WHO), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the corona pandemic. At the same time, Frankfurt fans had gathered at Marienplatz, who viewed the protest action critically. As their choral song “Shut up” showed, they had little use for the statements of the lateral thinkers.

The protesters, who were drowned out by the fan chants, didn’t like it at all. In a Glashaus-Stein manner, a spokeswoman replied: “We won’t let you swaggerers provoke us. Boost yourself and register us as heirs.”

The Adler fans didn’t let that deter them. They demonstratively stood in front of the cameras that filmed the demonstration for a live broadcast on the Internet. They rejected peace negotiations by lateral thinkers. “Keep your distance, mate. Go to your stand, where you come from and don’t mess around,” said a Frankfurt supporter to a protester, according to t-online. Then a Eintracht fan even hijacked the demonstrators’ microphone and sang an anti-Offenbach football song. He then explained that Eintracht had nothing to do with the lateral thinker scene.

That was too much for the protesters. “You don’t have to agree with us, so you don’t have to riot here,” said one organizer. There were no fisticuffs, but the organizers finally called the police. The officials tried to mediate between the two camps. Ultimately, the organizers ended their protest and cleared the field. 1:0 for the Eintracht fans.

Patrick Esume says goodbye to the TV crew after the end of the NFL at Ran in Munich. Esume was live for the last time in the ProSieben TV studio on Sunday. The NFL will run on RTL in the future. The future of Esume is still unclear.

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