In her new podcast, the influencer talks about taboo topics together with moderator Paula Lambert – and shows the women of this world: You are not alone!

Be honest – with yourself, but also with others. That is sometimes very difficult. A realization that influencer Sophia Thiel and moderator Paula Lambert can also sing a song about. The two celebrity ladies have each rigorously cleaned up their lives. And would also like to encourage other women to listen more to their own needs. The duo will be talking about this in their new podcast “4 breasts for a hallelujah” (Seven.One Audio) from July 1st. revealed to Sophia and Paula what they want to achieve with their podcast – and why you can learn from mistakes.

We introduce you to the two power women again.

As an Instagram star, Sophia Thiel can look back on a remarkable career. For a long time, the 27-year-old was considered the fitness role model for millions of young women. In 2019, things suddenly went quiet around her. After a social media break of almost two years, the native of Rosenheim came back with a strong message. She admits that the pressure and life in public has become too much for her. Speaks openly and bluntly about her eating disorder. She processes her story in a book – and returns in February 2021 stronger than ever. But even if Sophia has decided to stand for more mental strength and as a realistic fitness role model, she openly admits: “It’s utopian to think that self-doubt will disappear from one day to the next”. The path to more self-love and self-acceptance takes a lot of time, courage and the willingness to deal with yourself. And one more thing can help: “It is important how you deal with self-doubt! Together with Paula I would like to break down taboo subjects, because this is the only way to take away the heaviness and shame and realize that a lot of things are completely normal and human! Today I speak more openly than ever about my problems. Humor also plays a big role. You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously,” says the author in the interview. Sophia underscores the fact that no one is perfect – and it can’t or shouldn’t be – with a statement about her past: “I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person in my fitness career. For example, I had to learn how to say ‘no’ to something. Even my ‘mistakes’ have helped me. One of my ‘best mistakes’ is definitely dieting. Which should not be a recommendation to imitate!” Presenter and podcast colleague Paula Lambert has also firmly integrated the word “no” into her vocabulary. And now I want to show other women how important it is not to always try to please everyone.

The moderator, journalist and columnist has been fighting for more openness with taboo topics for many years. This doesn’t just include sex, but also the fact that it’s never a good idea to hold back for others: “Those who always put their own needs at the back end will eventually slip into emotional burnout. Basically, it is all about knowledge, mindfulness and action. In the meantime I have learned what triggers me and developed the right strategies to deal with it”. In “4 breasts for a hallelujah”, Paula wants to give the listener a feeling above all: “You are not alone. As you are, so are many and we will show you a positive way out. For us, it’s also about being a role model. It’s about how to deal with both positive and negative feelings.” What often gets in the way is the unrealistic image of happiness, fulfillment and a perfect life on social media. “Almost everything is illusion and hardly anything is reality,” explains the 48-year-old. And encourages her fans: “You are right the way you are, namely people with mistakes and enormous potential for growth. That is perfectly sufficient.”

From July 1st, Sophia Thiel and Paula Lambert can be heard in “4 breasts for a hallelujah” (Seven.One Audio). And we want to take millions of women with us – on their journey to inner balance. Amen!

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