Now, the cards in the Federal government in Bern will be reshuffled – 2. December be sworn in the Newly and re – elected already. Then the 51 starts of the winter session. Legislature.

In this much work for the Federal parliamentarians. VIEW shows which chunks need to tackle the new Parliament.

Europe-Blockade solve

right at the top of the Agenda of the European policy. The most important decision is expected to be in may 2020: the termination Initiative of the SVP is likely to come at the ballot box. A Yes would mean an end to the bilateral path. A new framework agreement would thus be obsolete.

no, the way would finally be free, the Deal with the EU in a new Elevator quiet or at least repair the goods. Domestically, the debate is currently blocked completely. This, after the FDP foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58) last year, jump to the protection of Wages in question and, therefore, the trade unions had been duped. No wonder, explains SVP-Federal President Ueli Maurer (68), this agreement is already dead.

In the new legislature will have to find the Federal Council and Parliament on the way out of the cul-de-SAC. A restart could allow the new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (61). It is also crucial how it goes with the Brexit more.

for the moment, Switzerland can afford to wait. Because the Punishment by the EU with the exchange recognition has proved to be a non-starter.

Gripped the CO2 act, to submit

In the field of climate policy, it needs now, finally, nails with heads! After the national Council had sunk by the end of 2018, the new CO2 law for the time being, has brought to the Council of States the template back on course.

thanks to the protesters, climate youth. And thanks to the climate of political change, the FDP returns. The latter had pulled the CO2-law in the national Council of the teeth. However, after a veritable Shitstorm, and a party’s internal survey, the FDP Manager Petra Gössi (43) set course new. In particular, the two FDP-Ständeräte Damian Müller (34, LU) and Ruedi Noser (58, ZH) were trimmed of their party on Ökokurs.

The small chamber made in the autumn session for the CO2-law Seriously: petrol and flights to be more expensive. In the right direction. Open is whether the free-minded, even after the election on Sunday in the course – or the CO2-law to water it down.

it is Clear that the voting public will have an important word to: SVP-chief Albert Rösti (52) has already announced that the Referendum against the CO2-law. The climate camp is, however, to submit next year its glaciers Initiative, net zero greenhouse gas emissions required by 2050. Over 120’000 signatures are already collected.

pension reform by boxes

The big pension reform, SP-social Affairs Minister Alain Berset (47) failed in 2017 in the popular vote. But at least for the AHV, there is a little breather – it’s thanks to the AHV-tax-Deals is now an annual Boost of two billion Swiss francs.

The pension still remains at the top of the Agenda. There are only three options: pay more, work longer, or reducing the amount of pensions.

The AHV Reform can address the Parliament, the message of the Federal Council is. The increase in women’s pension age to 65 years is, at least in the bourgeois camp uncontested. This is not but free-of-charge: The Federal Council wants to use 700 million Swiss francs to cushion. For SVP and FDP that is too expensive. The Left rejects the increase in the retirement age. A further point of contention is the Federal Council’s proposed VAT increase of 0.7 percent in favor of the AHV. Here, too, right-wing parties and economic press on the brakes. It is clear that For this Reform, all sides have to make sacrifices. Otherwise, shards threatened at the ballot box pile.

How to forge such a compromise, have employers ‘ Association and trade unions in the second column selected. For your pension compromise, both sides had to jump over the shadow. This will be based now Berset, if he puts a template on the way. However, the industry ensures Association of the Deal in the way of – and also the pension funds Association Asip is skeptical. In Parliament, another tug of war is programmed.

health care costs

brakes, Even when the health insurance premiums for 2020 to increase only very moderately, the health sector is a permanent construction site.

it Takes an upper limit for Premiums? Restrict the free choice of doctor? Increase the deductibles? The medicines to drop prices? Is deleted, the catalogue together? Be cut doctors wages? Who shelled out in the future, treatments the Hospital? Must hospitals be closed? It takes one unit of health insurance? Questions about questions for years, and also in the new legislature be made.

The health policy is a policy of small steps. Large throws are failed in the last few years. After all, a medium-sized litter is now up for debate: Outpatient and inpatient hospital services will be from the same pot financed, in order to eliminate disincentives to work. The national Council has already been given the green light. In the new legislature, the Council of States is on the train. The SP, however, threatens already with the Referendum.

in Addition, the Parliament needs to two people’s initiatives, which are expected to soon be filed. The SP calls for a Premium ceiling of a maximum of ten percent of household income. The CVP wants to introduce the brake in the healthcare costs.

fighter jet flying

the army goes to the prize: Without the air force, you will be the laughingstock. The procurement of new fighter jets is the Central business in the security policy.

in 2014, wanted to know the voting public from the controversial Gripen Aviator nothing. However, according to the two SVP-defence Ministers Ueli Maurer (68), Guy Parmelin (59) is now CVP-Mrs. Viola Amherd (57) in the VBS on the pusher.

In Parliament the is ” Yes ” to the 6-billion-franc Budget for new fighter jets are a mere formality. The Council of States has given his Okay already – in the winter session, the national Council will follow.

The major challenge for parliamentarians is to bring the multi – billion dollar planning decision in the people to fly so that one day a new Jet to fly.