Error no. 1: – Hot showers

Long and hot showers is bad for the skin. By the hot water, the horn on the swell layer and the natural oils are washed away. This makes the skin dry and can even be colored red or itching.

would be showers Better: Short and not so hot. Cold or lukewarm water is better suited for regular showers, because it is gentler on the skin. A cold shower is also good for the body. By the cold water, the metabolism is stimulated and the immune system strengthened.

the outermost layer of The skin consists of two Parts: the horn layer and the protective acid mantle. The stratum corneum can be compared to a brick wall. The bricks are the skin cells that are held in place by lipids (fats) together. The lipids also make sure that the skin is tight.

On the Horny layer of the acid mantle, a mixture of tallow and water. This is with a pH-value of 5.5 to 7, slightly acidic, and prevents such foreign substances. Together, the Horny layer of the acid mantle to protect from the Ingress of foreign bodies.

mistake no 2: To take a shower often showers

Who daily is damaging to his body. This does not recover the skin namely. It is recommended that only showers about three Times per week. For the fresh feeling of a cat is enough Laundry. The Same goes for the hair – less, and wash thoroughly. Two Times a week wash the hair is on the skin best for hair and head.

mistake No. 3: Too much shower gel does not use

It takes a lot of shower gel to be clean. Most of the products the natural fat layer of the skin, wash namely. So it pays to pay attention to the ingredients of the shower products. Preservatives and fragrances can damage the skin and can provoke an allergic reaction.

Ideally you should use a pH-free soap and focus on the areas of the armpits, hands, feet and on the chest and center back. Especially in the genital area, it is important to maintain the natural pH-value. There is no shower gel, but only use water.

mistake no. 4: After the shower, not

applying lotion After showering, it is important for the skin to return what has been taken away: moisture. Gentle moisturizers are skin conditioning. In addition, you should not RUB the wet skin dry, but DAB – so that the skin is not stressed in addition. When you face this is particularly important, because this is where the skin is most sensitive. (cas)

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