With imported garden plants come the beetles, butterflies and spiders. Large insects, but also so small that you need magnifying glass and microscope to see them.

It tells Kristine Bakke Westergaard, researcher at the Norwegian institute for nature research (NINA).

– Many of the plants come with a large jordklump, and in the jordklumpen, there are a lot of insects that get with. But also seeds, fungi, and other species, ” says Westergaard to NRK.

Therefore, it can be dangerous to import plants from abroad,

ANALYZE the INSECTS: Overingeniør on the DNA lab to NINA, and Hege Brandsegg, shows off a sample of the insects that should be analyzed.

Photo: Arnstein Staverlokk / NINA A threat to the Norwegian nature

the Trade of garden plants across borders is probably the main reason that the alien species is spreading.

alien species poses a great risk for the Norwegian nature, and are expensive to fight.

Westergaard and the other researchers at NINA should therefore monitor the hageplantene that are imported to Norway, to try to do something with the problem.

we Are aware that they are actually coming into the country, it will be possible to put into action. So we can search for them in the Norwegian nature to see if they have established themselves, and possibly fight them.

But it comes to detecting them early, preferably before they manage to spread.

Insects from garden plants can threaten the nature of Tujaplante is skills steven hirschfeld

with the help of environment-DNA, it is possible for researchers to identify the creatures. When they get jordklumpene, so teeming with the of life, ” says Westergaard.

– There are very many species and if we are to sit and decide on the eyes, so we never finished,

Therefore, the researchers insects to go out of the ground and down in a prøveglass, which is then crushed. Thus, scientists take out the DNA to find species.

And it is especially a plant that has a lot of extra hiding places for unwanted creatures:

Plants with lots of foliage and large jordklump have a lot, and we find terribly much in tujaplanter. But all the plants that come in with stowaways, ” says the researcher.

STOWAWAYS: Insects and seeds included in the jordklumpen to the imported hageplantene, but also on the actual plant. Here are sitting there like spiders and other insects.

Photo: Anders Often / NINA