finally, the CD&V-president, mr Joachim Coens are dreaming of a “new economic model” in the coronacrisis. He also believes that the government must dare to trust to the responsibility of the people rather than the “draconian” system of social control.

those are The only two out of ten of the lessons for the future in the Coens pull off with the current health crisis. A text invites you to the CD&V-president, others to have a say on how we can draw lessons from this crisis and be able to convert it into policy action”.

finally, the CD&V-president, mr Joachim Coens, the easter weekend, after all, an opportunity to reflect and to think about possible lessons learned from the coronacrisis can be drawn. In an extensive Facebook post, he invites others from the “working together to find solutions for a better world after the crisis.”

User list, Coens already have ten classes.

the coronacrisis for a lot of people soon made it clear that the material things are less important than intangible assets , such as health care, and social interaction. “In a land of plenty, this is sometimes forgotten, but it is the essence of happiness lies in healthy living, the human being and its mutual connection”.

of The crisis, according to the Coens also provide sensible of appreciation for the people in the key sectors: , ranging from care services to warenhuispersoneel up. The hedgefundmanagers, but the vuilnisophalers, winkelbedienden or bejaardenverzorgers love with the country, and they are the heroes of our society. Our biggest capital is the people, what it sounds like.

it does The Coens are even aloud to dream of a new economic model, “in which not only the gains in terms of numbers but the added value for the society, has, ”. Other economic systems would also have to be taken into account by companies for their staff, for the environment and society in general do. “If the value isn’t there, it should be a different way to follow, for example, to find a way to contribute to free”.

the Coens also use the government must dare to rely on the responsibility of the general public: . The population’s trust, he says, is better than a drastic form of social control. “The government has to the people, ed.). not as children, but we, as concerned citizens, to include in its policy. Kliklijnen, and drones are not needed, and the draconian social control are also not”.

The full text into the Facebookpost by the CD&V-president.

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