Chasseral – the Canton of Berne

The Chasseral towers over the middle of the country with its 1600 meters of altitude as the highest point of the Swiss Jura. He invites high above the Three-lakes-Land of discovery tour on foot, by mountain bike or even on horseback and offers to the summit a unique view on the lakes southern foot of the Jura, the Central plateau, and behind it the whole of the Alps from Säntis in the East to Mont Blanc in the West.

Just at the end of autumn, before the last leaves fall and the landscape attracts their winter dress, the color change in the varied landscape of pasture to the Chasseral is a true feast for the eyes.

Fronalpstock – the Canton of Schwyz

Who, Switzerland also wants to be in the Central high, is on the Fronalpstock at 1920 meters right: From here you have breathtaking panoramic views of the arms of lake Lucerne, numerous peaks in the Alps and the black forest. From the summit you can look wonderfully down to the Rütli, the cult of the Urschweizer history site.

With a little imagination, one can imagine even Wilhelm Tell Footprints of yesteryear. Arrive you can lift comfortably on a chair from the Stoos or a good footwear, from the sound floor on the spectacular ridge trail. The summit restaurant and the easy walking trails around provide cosiness in the “pleasure peaks”, as the fronalpstock up here is also lovingly called.

observation controls – Canton of Zürich

On the Wikipedia list of Swiss view towers, are recorded at the 150 copies of: TV broadcast towers, water towers, Church towers and other platforms in the level, which are accessible to the public. The wooden observation tower High in the Zurich Sihlwald such a place is waking up. He lures the visitors with its 152-step spiral staircase to the top and you are rewarded with 33 meters above the ground with a stunning view over the tree canopy to the entire length of lake Zurich, the Sihlwald, the town of Zurich and on the horizon the Glarus Alps. The easiest way to get from the Albis pass on a leisurely walk to the high guard.

Muottas Muragl in the Canton of Graubünden

The summit of tour mountain Muottas Muragl in the upper Engadine is located at 2453 metres above sea level and is on foot or with a good 110-year-old funicular to reach. Visitors to one of the most beautiful views in the Region: the impressive mountain peaks and glaciers of the Bernina massif and in front of the magnificent upper Engadine lakes, which brings the landscape to Sparkle.

High above the valley is a wonderful place to slow down and get new energy and Inspiration – as had celebrities such as the painter Giovanni Segantini (1858-1899), or the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) before us have done. Who wants to memorize the beautiful view even better, check the same in the best Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl.

Cardada – the Canton of Ticino

It is hardly surprising that you can also enjoy the Swiss sunshine from wonderful views. At best you can drive it by funicular from Locarno to Orselina, where you make the transition into the by the Ticino architect Mario Botta-designed cable car. This leads one to the mountain of Locarno: Cardada.

set Here the observation platform at the to 1671 meters from an impressive view far over the lake Maggiore, also in the West, and some well-known giants such as the dufourspitze of the Monte Rosa massif, in the South the Ligurian Alps in Genoa and in the East, the magadino to Bellinzona With the Dufour peak and the lake Maggiore, therefore, the highest and the lowest point in Switzerland to admire the Time!

Wasserflue – the Canton of Aargau

Sometimes you don’t have to not so high to be with beautiful views rewarded. This is the 866 meters high in the Jura mountain top Wasserflue, which is, for example, of Aarau, in two hours walking distance away proves. From up here you can enjoy a far view over the Mittelland to the Alps and the black forest – and Best of all, especially on grey autumn days in the middle of the country: The summit is often above the sea of fog, which is likely to cheer up the mood instantly! An ideal place to soak up the sun and enjoy the view over the hilly landscape.

memoranda – Canton of Schaffhausen

What has this to do is to travel with beautiful views to? It is not the red root vegetables, but a plateau-like panel Jura mountain range between Germany and the Canton of Schaffhausen. The flat Plateau drops off on all sides steep and is divided into seven sections, the so-called “Randen”. On four of the Swiss memoranda in each case there is a viewing tower. It goes from tower to tower and enjoying – “Stägeli uf, Stägeli” – a beautiful distant view to the other, over the surrounding treetops on the Alpine chain and the Jura mountains.