When the two show up, you have to look two Times: The artist-Duo The twins is on the hair, and brings to his stories the whole of Switzerland Laugh. Roland and Matthias Portmann (43) won in January with their Comedy “The tent: Comedy Club 18 Award”, awarded to the best young artists in the industry.

Although they were already on the Playground jokers, are identical twins rather late bloomer in terms of the Comedy career. “We played our first gig in front of nearly four years,” says Roland Portmann. “Only then the ideal opportunity presented itself. Patience brings roses.”

In school, she exchanged identities

her twin everyday life funny stories, which the learned paramedics from Pfäffikon ZH to install in your Comedy program. “In school, we have swapped once for a whole day of our identities,” says Matthias. “The teacher didn’t think it was so funny. In retrospect, we could have the Whole a lot more.”

Even the twins are sometimes overwhelmed: “On some photos, we can’t keep us apart,” says Matthias. The women of the two can be, the better: “It always believe all that you have us confused. But no! Our loved ones seem to know us exceptionally well,” fool Roland.

you work in the public service

Still, the two fathers of the Comedy. Matthias port man works full-time as the Zurich Canton police officer, brother Roland communications is the boss of protection & rescue Zurich – but only until the end of may. After that, the Comedy is in the focus.

From 28. March 2019, The twins, with Claudio Zuccolini (48), Stephanie Berger (41) and Dominic Deville (44) are in a Comedy Club, 2019 on the stage. The two smile: “We are looking forward to the troop and give identical full-throttle!”