1. Beaches on the Tiwi island, Australia

Australia is definitely not the coziest patches. Especially on the coast of the island of Tiwi. There are countless dice cavort jellyfish. Their bites are not only extremely painful but can even be fatal. Because their poison is very rare and paralyzes quickly. Anyone who encounters such a jellyfish, has minimal chances of Survival.

2. Utakleiv Beach in Norway

Particularly in the midnight sun, this beach romance scattered in the pure state. At the same time, the Arctic climate of the island group of Lofoten makes the water dangerous cold. Even for experienced swimmers, the temperature can be a Problem.

3. New Smyrna, Florida

With more than 250 reported shark attacks on this beach, the “shark capital of the world”. Everyone who goes into the water is estimated to within a Three Meter radius around a shark. Nevertheless, the beach is very well attended. Probably because most of the attacks in New Smyrna previously assumed lightly.

4. Cable Beach, Australia

The Cable Beach is located in the vicinity of the town of Broome and is popular not only in people but also in the case of dangerous crocodiles. The beach is a distinctive natural landmark and is known for its unique futuristic landscapes. Snow-white Sand beckons for relaxation. But be careful, always keep both eyes open.

5. Beaches in Manaus, Brazil

Like many other beaches in the Amazon, are also in the city of Manaus due to the water animals as dangerous. Who dares to swim or to paddle on the Board, is in danger to Piranhas, anacondas, electric Eels and other dangerous creatures to meet.

6. Beaches in Lamu, Kenya

destinations, thanks to its fine Sands and turquoise blue waters, the island of Lamu was one of the most popular holiday in Kenya. Today, only a few tourists dare to go. Because from the neighbouring country of Somalia is in danger of terror. The members of the Islamist groups have kidnapped in the past already several times tourists.

7. Playa Zipolite, Mexico

Zipolite Playa is translated as “hot The beach of the dead”. Because of the dangerous underwater currents have already ripped several people in the death. At the same time Playa Zipolite is one of the few nudist beaches in Mexico. Due to fierce currents and high waves, formed in the 90s, a Team that holds a volunteer guard on the beach. And indeed, The number of drowned people has decreased.

8. Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and attracts adventurers with beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. However, the secluded island is also home to the Australian Dingo, sharks, jellyfish, deadly spiders and crocodiles. The rice come in currents send in the water.

9. Copacabana beach, Brazil

It’s not about the poisonous jellyfish and the wild animals, but ordinary thieves, who Rob the tourists, which make this beach dangerous. It is therefore recommended that no valuables to the beach.

10. Skeleton coast, Namibia

From the air, the coast of this beach, the wonders of wool. Blue water, cool Surf and endless sand dunes. But the Seems to be are deceiving. Your name “owes” the skeleton coast, the countless shipwrecks and whale bones, which are everywhere to be seen. Dense fog over the cold water and treacherous currents make this place for sailors, pilots, and whales to a hazard. Castaways, escaped to the coast, were not really saved – in the hundreds of kilometers of long sandy desert, there was no chance of Survival.

moon landscapes, black and white beaches, green water, giant volcanoes, canyons, renewable energies, water cases, or prefer to steep the crusher? The seven main Islands of the Canary Islands all have their own character as well as your visitors.