In response to Boris Pistorius’ announcement, the SPD defense expert Hellmich wants state support for the armaments industry and calls for start-up financing and purchase guarantees.

The defense policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Wolfgang Hellmich, has called for state funding for the armaments industry in order to cover the increased need for weapons caused by the Ukraine war. “We have to get together with the defense industry very quickly to go into production on the replacement for the Leopard tanks,” he told the editorial network Germany (RND / Thursday). “We have to come together with start-up financing and long-term purchase guarantees because our country’s security requires it.” These are no small investments.”

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) had previously stated that he wanted to contact the armaments industry soon to clarify how more reliable supply and procurement channels could be established. “I think that will be the challenge for the next few years,” he said after a Defense Committee meeting.

The General Manager of the Federation of German Security and Defense Industries, Hans Christoph Atzpodien, welcomed the announcement. He told the RND: “Short-term talks about more reliable supply and replacement channels are now imperative to ensure that the Bundeswehr