In a discussion with people you don’t know so well, can quickly lead to a painful Silence. It sometimes costs just a little Overcome, to an exciting conversation to boost. And the right ice-breaker.

A good place to start is always with a Smile. Those who place a friendly feel to the day, looks nice.

weather as a good place to start

Often, the obvious may seem trivial to you, but provides a chat about the weather with a good base. To speak the Obvious, and you can be sure to start a good conversation. Suitable for a initial remarks about the place you are (“do you do Sport?”) or yourself (“I’m going today to the gym …”).

Begins the conversation slowly, make sure you always show interest in your counterpart. Go to the answers and to listen well.

And you are on the lookout for commonalities. If you notice, you are closer to it. Both drive, for example, like sports, can cause this issue to a longer conversation.

And is again just no opportunity to start a conversation, you can always rely on one of the below eleven questions. Here you will definitely find something to break the ice, and every Silent beat.

What would you wish for if you had three wishes?If you need to get 100’000 Swiss francs on the Hand and within a week to spend, what would you do?You have a secret Talent?What was your worst experience on holiday?What you create will not throw it away even though it is just pointless?If everyone would take their days for five hours longer, what would you do? If you would never have to sleep again, what would you do with your gained time?What Trend have you been through, you regret today?With whom would you like to sit for dinner at the table – whether they are dead or alive?To Buffalo if you – without – a- three new languages could be mastered, what would they be? What is the most embarrassing song that you have saved in your Playlist?