There would be a decisive answer Iran threatened the United States

Naval forces of Iran attacked a military court or in the U.S., which will threaten the security of the country. As reported TASS, said commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps Armed forces of Iran Hossein salami.

April 15, as reported by “the Rambler”, the Fifth fleet of naval forces (Navy) of the United States stated that military boats of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, made dangerous maneuvers in the Persian Gulf near the American warships. April 19, the Corps has stated its readiness to answer to any wrong actions of USA in the Persian Gulf.

Yesterday, the President of the United States Donald trump ordered the US Navy to destroy the warships of Iran, if they will pursue the American ships.

Today Salami said that the Iranian naval forces have been ordered to attack warships or subdivision of the United States, threatening the security of Iran.

“Iran is determined to defend national security and water boundaries. Each step will be given a quick and decisive answer. Americans have already experienced in the past, our actions,” he added.