By the end of the day, heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail are expected in the capital. During the deterioration of the weather, the wind will increase to 22 meters per second. At the same time, the hot weather will continue. The air temperature will rise to 30-32 degrees during the day.

In this weather, it is recommended to be careful and, if possible, do not go outside. If it is still necessary, then you should not hide under trees, it is better to avoid weakly fortified structures and buildings. It is better to wait out the peak of bad weather indoors or in the subway.

Motorists are advised to park their cars in closed parking lots and be careful on the way. In such weather, visibility on the roads may deteriorate. In addition, motorists are asked to be more careful on the road, strictly observe the speed limit and distance, and pedestrians are asked to be more careful on the street, not to hide from the weather under trees.

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