Eyewitness Konstantin Loginov photographed by an unknown resident of Moscow, who killed a Swan on the Patriarchal ponds. He told this correspondent MOLESTY.

According to the witness of the incident, he saw a man in black clothes, who for half an hour sitting by the water. Then it swam the Swan, apparently, an attacker would lure a meal.

“the Swan out of the water and reached for this man. At this moment I was distracted, and when, after some time, again looked in the direction the Swan was lying next to him. The man bent over him and did something,” shared logins.

He photographed the man, later to consider what is happening. The frame was made at 01:36 at night. After seeing the news about the murder of birds, a Muscovite realized that we are talking about that event, the witness which he was.

On 14 July it was reported that in Moscow, in the Patriarch’s ponds found a dead Swan. It is noted that the body of the bird was a deep wound. In the comments under the people assumed that someone involved in the killing of an animal.

According to police, the bird died of natural causes, to do with her murder no one was involved. In addition, were identified on the fact of cruel treatment of animals.