The days are getting shorter, the nights longer – and colder at the same time. It is not only gas that is experiencing high prices at the moment. Heating oil is also becoming more and more expensive for customers – and there could be sharp price jumps in the next few weeks. FOCUS online says why you are already ordering oil and what you should pay attention to.

It is not only the price of gas that is rising, consumers also have to spend a lot of money on heating oil. According to calculations by the comparison portal Verivox, gas has become around 235 percent more expensive within a year, and heating oil has become 114 percent more expensive.

In a concrete calculation example, a couple for a 70 square meter apartment in an apartment building has to reckon with additional gas costs of 550 euros per year. The oil heating costs almost 500 euros more.

Consumers currently pay a good 165 euros for 100 liters of heating oil. This corresponds to an average price of 1.65 euros per liter. In the previous year, the price per liter was 84 cents. This corresponds to a narrow doubling.


The development on the crude oil market is dynamic. The 23 countries of the OPEC oil association want to reduce daily production by two million barrels from November. It would be the biggest cut in production in a long time. The step is intended to stabilize the price of oil and would have a massive impact on commuters, tenants and those who use heating.

In a forecast for the fourth quarter of the year, the financial platform “Bloomberg” expects the price of crude oil to rise. A barrel (159 litres) of North Sea Brent is expected to rise in price from just under 90 US dollars today to at least 110 US dollars. At the same time, this would lead to a massive increase in the selling price of petrol, diesel and heating oil.

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This question cannot be answered unequivocally. If you want to save on heating oil, you should act now.

Monitor the price development and order heating oil when the price is low. FOCUS online advises: find out what a liter of heating oil costs every day. Ideally, you should use comparison portals or call your local sales outlet.

At least there are good guidelines.

A 10-year evaluation shows that the price of heating oil increases between September and December of each year. This may be due to the high demand. The price then drops slightly every year between January and March.

In view of the current energy crisis and the uncertain situation on the crude oil market, however, it is unclear whether this development will be repeated in winter 2022.

Energy has never been as expensive as it is now. But instead of panicking, you should calmly check potential savings at home. As our guide shows, there are many of them.

Collective orders are cheaper than individual bookings.

You pay a smaller price if you lose about 3,000 liters or 5,000 liters. In the case of single-family houses, it is worth asking the neighborhood if anyone is interested. The more heating oil you get together, the cheaper the price per liter will be.

It is important for collective orders that the delivery is in the same place. The postal code is often used as a guide. Have the receipt of the order – including the final price – acknowledged in writing. So you can be sure that you will not pay more for your heating oil order.

You should know four measures to reduce heating costs.

1. Sealing:

Sealing tapes and brush seals can be quickly attached by yourself. They ensure that even old windows and doors close tightly again and that no energy is lost.

2. Bleed radiators:

If there is air in the radiator, it will no longer get really warm. However, before residents start venting it, they should ask the landlord or the property management company: Water may need to be refilled in the heating system afterwards.

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3. Rearranging:

Prevent panels, furniture or curtains in front of the heater so that the heat spreads properly. Anyone who notices something in this direction during spring cleaning can immediately ensure that things get better next winter.

4. Insulate:

If there is enough space, insulating between the radiator and the outside wall can be worthwhile. Because the outer wall in the radiator niches is thinner. Heat losses can be reduced with insulating panels. You can find corresponding products here: Buy reflection plates from Amazon

Pensioners in Germany will receive a one-time payment until December 15th. This should help cushion the burden of high prices. There are 300 euros. And the upper limit for midi jobs will be raised.

Combating high inflation effectively requires a single ingredient: determination. And it is precisely this word that describes the difference between American and European monetary policy. America is taking action – in Europe the boat is shaking.

Germany’s inflation has reached double digits. While this has long been normal for some EU countries, inflation in France is even slowing down. How can that be?

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