Heat record at 20 degrees and that at the beginning of November? With the mild temperatures, few drivers think of the well-known rule of thumb “O to O” when changing tires. Instead, they drive on with the summer tires. But is that even allowed? FOCUS online explains.

When is the ideal time for drivers to put on winter tires? From a legal point of view, there is no concrete date.

Rather, the golden rule from October to Easter has prevailed among motorists and workshops. During this period, summer tires are increasingly removed and winter tires are tightened.

Basically, the weather determines whether you can continue to drive with summer tires in autumn and winter. In Germany there is a so-called “situational winter tire obligation”.

Although the temperatures are currently high, the following applies: November can often lead to an abrupt onset of winter.

In addition to black ice, snow, slush, ice or frost, the temperatures drop rapidly. It depends on the right tires, otherwise you risk a fine. In general, drivers should not switch to winter tires too late.

The fine is currently 75 euros. There is a point in Flensburg for this.

If you carry out the tire change in the workshop, you should consider: As soon as the temperatures drop, many drivers want to change the tyres. This creates a backlog of appointments. Workshop companies have been complaining about a high staff shortage for years. A high level of sick leave, which is fueled by flu, colds and corona, is increasingly exacerbating the situation.

If you don’t have an appointment for a tire change yet, you should be quick.

The two major German automobile clubs ADAC and ACE write that summer tires are no longer recommended when the outside temperature is below 7 degrees. This leads to dangerous impairments that are noticeable when steering, steering and braking.

A tire change in the workshop costs from 20 euros. If the wheels have to be balanced, cleaned and the summer tires stored, there are additional costs. Many car workshops also offer an autumn and winter check. That costs extra. Especially when the company checks the car lights or tops up antifreeze.

It depends on the right tool.

In addition to a wheel cross, drivers need a torque wrench and a trolley jack. The automobile club ACE says they should not use the jack that many drivers keep in the trunk. This should only be used in emergencies.

And this is how you should proceed when changing tires:

If the winter tires are more than six years old, the workshop should check whether the tires are still OK. If you need new tires, it costs a lot. Winter tires have become around 20 percent more expensive compared to the previous year. This is the result of calculations by the two comparison portals Check24 and Azura.

While a new winter tire still cost 70 euros in 2021, customers will have to pay an average of 83 euros this year. The prices for all-season tires are also rising. On average, they are 16 percent more expensive than they were a year ago.

There are several reasons that lead to this increase in prices in the tire industry, according to Michael Schwämmlein, Technical Director at the BRV tire trade association. Manufacturers are still struggling with the effects of the corona pandemic. Much worse, however, are the shortages of raw materials caused by the Russian Ukraine conflict.

Both Russia and Ukraine are the largest suppliers of the two raw materials carbon black and synthetic rubber, which in turn are irreplaceable in the tire industry. Finding new suppliers is not easy. The price increases in production are rounded off by rising energy and personnel costs.

You notice it when the wheels aren’t running smoothly. The steering wheel can then wobble at a speed of around 120 km/h. At 100 km/h, unusual noises or vibrations can also occur in the car.

Of course, this not only disturbs the comfort when driving, but above all safety is at risk. When changing your own seasonal tires, remember to have the wheels balanced before mounting.

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