The federal government speaks of tens of thousands of vacant driver positions in the transport sector in Germany. More than 45,000 drivers and specialists are currently missing in Germany. The Union is now demanding faster recognition of driving licenses from third countries.

In Germany there is a shortage of more than 45,000 drivers and specialists in traffic mechatronics and vehicle technology. This emerges from the response of the Federal Ministry of Labor to a request from the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, which is available to the editorial network Germany (RND).

According to data from the Federal Employment Agency, the greatest shortage of skilled workers is among drivers: 26,613 positions are vacant in the areas of freight transport, trucks, trams, buses and trains. 11,661 specialists are missing in automotive engineering and 6761 in mechatronics.

Union transport politician Henning Rehbaum called for faster recognition of driving licenses from third countries and faster procedures in the consulates. “Despite the acute need for skilled workers, the federal government is far too hesitant,” said the CDU politician to the RND. “There are still no regulations to make it easier to recognize driving licenses from third countries, it still takes months to get even an appointment for a visa due to a lack of staff in the consulates, and we are still waiting for the proposal to streamline professional driver training.”