In the process of stealing jewels from the Green Vault in Dresden, the Free State of Saxony is now demanding almost 89 million euros in damages. The thieves returned most of the loot. But that’s not nearly enough.

In connection with the jewel theft from the Green Vault Dresden, the Free State of Saxony is claiming damages of almost 89 million euros. A representative of the State Office for Taxes and Finances named the sum of exactly 88,863,750 euros for the returned, partially damaged and missing pieces of jewelry in the process at the Dresden Regional Court on Friday. As well as for repairs such as the destroyed showcases and the museum building.

The statement regarding the parts from the “Saxon State Treasury” is based on the assumption of insurance values, said the official. In the event that this is not sufficient for the court, an expert opinion should be obtained for the jewelry – an expert from the auction house Christie’s was suggested.

In the process, it turns out more and more that the real brains behind the million-dollar coup have not yet been identified. There are indications that at least two other accomplices are said to have played an important role in the planning. Her identity is so far unknown.

That would also explain why parts of the jewelry are still not found. Due to the deal with the public prosecutor’s office, the accused do not have to provide any information about their personal details. The accused Rabieh R. said only that he did not know that part of the jewelry was long gone.

As reported by “Bild”, Rabieh R.’s lawyers said in court on Thursday: “The loot should be hidden until grass had grown over the matter. Rabieh thought he would be a millionaire after selling the jewels. When he looked around tried to get the jewelry returned, he was told that some of the jewelry was already gone.”

The art theft from Saxony’s Treasury Museum on November 25, 2019 is considered one of the most spectacular in Germany. According to the indictment, the perpetrators stole 21 pieces of jewelry made of diamonds and brilliants with a total value of over 113 million euros and caused damage of more than one million euros. For a year now, six young men between the ages of 23 and 29 have had to answer for this.

The Germans from a well-known Arab family in Berlin have been charged with aggravated gang theft, arson and particularly aggravated arson. After preliminary discussions in the course of the subsequent agreement between the defense, public prosecutor’s office and court, a large part of the loot was returned to the State Art Collections shortly before Christmas 2022, some of it damaged.

Five members of the Remmo clan admitted last week that they were involved in the coup or the preparation and showed remorse. Another accused denies being a perpetrator with reference to an alibi. The “deal,” which four of the accused agreed to, includes not only credible confessions but also the willingness to answer questions from those involved in the proceedings – but they do not have to name third parties.

The surprising desire of the defense attorneys for a written list of questions to discuss with their clients delayed the proceedings shortly before the end of the hearing of evidence. The court now proposed a procedure on which the defense should position itself by the next day of the hearing. With a view to the questioning of the five accused, which was more complicated than expected, another additional day was scheduled in February, as the presiding judge Andreas Ziegel said. The trial will now resume on February 2nd.