the theatre “Modern” awaits restoration. The Department of cultural heritage of Moscow has approved the project of the necessary work. The building was built at the corner of Gavrikovo square (now Spartakovskaya square) and Perevedenovski lane 109 years ago by the famous architect of the Capitol Doolin.

Initially it was the grain market place of the grain trade. And immediately after the 1917 revolution the building housed the House of Communist education, which was later renamed as Bauman children’s home culture. In 1918-1920 there were various meetings and rallies Vladimir Lenin. From 1990-ies and to this day the building is occupied by the theatre “Modern”.

“the Specialists will conduct a comprehensive restoration of the building — will strengthen the supporting structures will replace the engineering systems, the roof, restore the interior and exterior of the archival documents,” — said the Deputy Mayor.

One part of a three storey building with a risalit and attics (decorative walls) goes on Spartakovskaya square, and the other on Perevedenovsky per. Distinctive features of the structure — spherical dome on the roof, and the double-height main hall with walls on two floors and two rows of Windows. Another vivid detail of this home — hardwood main entrance door with carved decoration.

the Facades and the interiors, richly decorated with stucco works. This ornamental friezes, bas-reliefs, rosettes, festoons, wreaths, blades, crowning and intermediate cornices, belt Mavlonov and decorative brackets. The building was built in the style of Moscow art Nouveau. Time not only affected the appearance of facades and interior decoration, but also affected the construction of the house. Now the monument needs restoration.

“Will be returned once lost detail. These are two sculptures with the Atlanteans — they were on the roof, and balustrade. The facade will restore the capitals — tops of columns. They are decorated with swans, bearing in their beaks garlands of flowers,” — said the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow.

Inside the building, in addition to the stucco decoration, the specialists will clean floors, laid with Sandstone tiles (small ceramic tiles of various shapes and colors), and coating terrazzo. This kind of seamless mosaic of the floor. Will be restored wooden handrails stairs and steps made of limestone.

According to the former corn exchange — the object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. Recently, experts have recorded all of his valuable items. Work will take place under the supervision of specialists of the Moscow cultural heritage Department and only agreed upon by the Agency project.

Capitol Abramovich (Capito Avraamovich) Doolin (4 March 1876 — 26 August 1933) — Russian and Soviet and��ditector, engineer. He created buildings in the style of Moscow art Nouveau and was one of the brightest architects working in this direction. In his projects often built apartment houses and mansions. In addition, he was the author of the project of the pavilion of Goznak for the world exhibition in Paris in 1925.

Restoration of historic buildings is an important part of urban environment improvement. A cultural heritage is given new life, adapt them for modern use, while maintaining the image of Moscow. With 2011 in the capital has restored more than 1,400 objects of cultural heritage.