The zoo proposed to call cockroaches and rats the names of the former to feed their predators

Zoo San Antonio Texas offers a unique promotion for Valentine’s Day. People with a grudge on your ex, you can call them names roaches and rodents, and then feeding the predator.

In the zoo says: “have You ever been broken by a breakup? We have a great opportunity to fix your broken heart”.

the Campaign is called “Cry me a cockroach”. For $ 5 you can choose an insect, call it the name of the ex or ex, and then feed one of the animals.

you can also buy frozen rat for $ 25 and feed it to the reptiles. The buyer will give a certificate indicating the acceptance of participation in the action that can be shared on his page in the social network.

the zoo said that on Valentine’s Day, February 14, will be in the live show “a feeding frenzy”. All names will be sent without names.

Such action zoo San Antonio arranged for those who do not feel the strength to celebrate Valentine’s Day.