At the center of another scandal was the family of the deceased journalist Sergei Dorenko. The disorder happened between his daughters, the girls apparently got into a fight over the house in Barvikha, which remained after the death Dorenko. Older sister Catherine allegedly smashed “Mercedes, owned by Junior Xenia. Now in the conflict the police.

we will Remind, quite recently, in early April, the police wrote a statement the eldest daughter of Sergei Dorenko Ekaterina. The girl complained that she was hit with a burning stick, a neighbor, who was burning leaves in their area.

But this time the statement to the police Department of Barvikha came to the Catherine and not from a stranger, and from the sister Xenia. She called in “02” and reported property damage.

the Guards arrived in the village of Rozhdestveno, where the family nest Dorenko met the first wife of journalist Marina and their youngest daughter Ksenia (she teaches at MGIMO). They explained to militiamen that the conflicts in the family occur frequently, and such incidents occasionally happen, but until then the relatives could not stand dirty linen in public.

she said that a quarrel with her older sister happen due to the fact that she does not wants her to live with her under one roof, to ensure that the youngest has moved out of the house in the exclusive village. She confessed to police officers that Catherine is suffering not only she, but also their mother.

As we found out “MK”, the police drew attention to the characteristic marks on the hands of Marina, but she refused to explain anything, let alone write a statement. But Kseniya has decided to declare for the sister. She spent her guards out to the garage and pointed to his blue Mercedes. Foreign cars have been smashed rear lights and damaged glass. According to Xenia, Catherine in a fit of rage rammed her car with something heavy (“tool” is still not installed) and left the house.

While the guards are checking, and Ksenia counts the damage. Contact Catherine Dorenko police have not yet managed.

While she in front of me will not apologize and will not reimburse the damage, neither of which reconciliation cannot be considered. At the moment, no one contacted me on the matter, – explained Xenia.