losing weight is not hard enough! Because you work your tail off for weeks, dispensed with Sweets, carbohydrates and alcohol, looks exactly as you imagined it in his wildest Dreams, and then – a few weeks later, the pointer of the scale is threat in the direction of the new maximum value. The yo-Yo effect has struck!

What is the yo-Yo effect is actually?

diets have a yo-yo effect: those Who surrounded the diet, after the diet quickly. The weight management is not a Sprint, but a marathon.. Well, 90 percent of all diets end in failure. Although the weight goes down initially fast, but at the latest after one year, the balance strikes again to the top. And five diets later, we are heavier than ever before. What is the reason?First of all, two mistakes one can easily avoid.

Too little calories. The Hunger is always stronger than the will. Also, with just 500 calories per day less one every two weeks, a Kilo of.

The wrong calories. Who starts with coffee, croissants, jam and orange juice, after two hours to be hungry again. Fat and protein satiate sustainable as carbs, let alone sweets (more on this in the Box).

But even those who avoid these errors, has not yet cleared all the stumbling blocks out of the way. Ultimately it is always about to change a grained behavior. This requires a technique that you can learn. Losing weight is a worthwhile exercise field.

How can I stop the yo-Yo effect?

on The topic are infinite, appeared to many as a counselor. Most of them propagate methods that Affected your diet can change or how will you bring more movement into your life. Such advice is not aimed into an Empty movement and changes in eating habits are actually the most important key to success. Often the book are recipes, but simple experience shows how difficult it is to reduce the weight in a sustainable way.

in Short: Who wants in the long term, lose weight, must pay attention to the Interplay of various factors. This includes habits, physical and psychological aspects, genetics, the social environment. You are often enough in a way to realize the good intentions in the long term.

With these 7 tips you will be Jo-Jo effect, finally planning
will be able to avoid losing weight Successfully means first and foremost: plan carefully. Leave yourself plenty of time to decide for an appropriate program. Do anything that appears to them to be yourself is complicated or foreign. You define realistic goals. You are trying to achieve the goals in small steps. You aim individual, “tailor-made” solutions instead of cures “off the rack”. the accompaniment
you Claim to be-when required-support and the support of a competent professional person. Do not select a program that puts your social life too much on the head – the keyword: sharing food with friends – and yet the demands of a well-balanced diet is sufficient. the Personal needs
This starts with Self-analysis. There are also specific Exercises. About: you have a cake large desire on a piece of. Then you listen for a Minute to himself. Are you fidgety? Tense? Fit or exhausted? What you have felt, before they got you in the mood to eat? Easy to perceive, not think. Then you may eat. It is a matter of your own needs as something to perceive, what you can influence. the learn From the mistakes
If you have again eaten too much, do you think: How satisfied were you with the day? What has you annoyed? Depend on satisfaction and eating behavior? Food has always been a privilege. Often it is a matter of Stress, or to compensate for the lack of Affection. Food is, for the time being the lesser of two Evils. It relieves Stress. If you want to change that, you have to develop other strategies for dealing with stress. It takes time and perseverance. the Subsequence
It is important while on a diet set achievable goals and celebrate Partial successes, reward yourself and enjoy. “Wow, I’m now back to loose the stairs.” No fear of return
It is important to Be done in other areas remember, or setbacks that you have overcome. “I can do it.” Men, on the Whole, usually head-heavy, you want clear guidance and to put this in everyday life. This means that men have to take off usually faster, women learn more. Who has made in losing weight ever yo-Yo experience, you should look for the next time you try to support. the Physical activity
It will help to increase physical activity or to receive at least. Losing weight is a broad and constant challenge – and goes far beyond the loss of unnecessary Kilos. You stand in front of a holistic, unhurried and thoughtful way you include the different phases of a weight reduction in the run-up with and need to consider. You give the

spring is here and the Winter fat, in spite of good intentions also can still? Claudia Müller, a qualified nutritionist from VIEW eBalance, white, as you have still chances on the Bikini figure.

So yo-Yo effect remains finally

The American website “mindbodygreen.com” has investigated what people have successfully taken off and maintain your weight, other than those that will fail in the enterprise “this Time, I the fat for good” on a regular basis. Here are the main points and Tricks.

Trick 1: meals in advance,

planning and cooking Sometimes spontaneity can make life fun, sometimes you can, however, also causes problems. Those who are hungry every day of the challenge, “What I eat for now?”, in the “Ahhh, I want it all”trap. This is like going hungry to shop because of the nasty landing, always the most calorie-bombs in the shopping cart. “MBG” recommends a night to sit and plan every possible meal in the coming week. This would be a good Start to the weekend! What is in the house, what needs to be worried about? Make a list and buy on Saturday only the things that are on this. Then you also have time to go on a Saturday or Sunday cozy meals to prepare. This saves time and you have something Healthy, you have to make only warm, and when you feel the Hunger.

Trick 2: Cheat Day schedule

Each of us is sometimes weak: In the case of the food invitation, when you do not want to say to the host, of course, that he is said to have a please only a Portion of green salad without Dressing. In the cinema, if you do not want to pull the new Bond Film, of course, without a Portion of sweet Popcorn in. Or simply because you want to go back with the buddies for a beer. People who lose weight successfully and maintain your weight, know and therefore not finished. A slip-up or a so-called Cheat Day does not mean that their Diet is void and you fall back into old, unhealthy patterns. Just focus on the next day, and to eat, then healthy again.

Trick 3: No calorie counting, but eat

balanced in General, you have a balance on the subject of food: you are starving, be sure to drink enough water and know which of your foods have what calories. Keyword: calories: people who lose weight successfully, before make nothing, when it comes to how many calories you have actually taken yourself. The Latte Macchiato, the man brings every morning to the bakery for the way to the office, has 150 calories!

Trick 4: sports

There’s no way around it: Without movement there is nothing to do with the healthy long-term weight loss. The knowledge of successful Diäter and schedule your Workout just as meticulous in your schedule as brushing your teeth. You are trying to find something, what makes you possibly even Fun, then it’s easier to stay on the Ball. They like to spend time with other people? Maybe a team would be sports such as Volleyball, football, Hockey, or Hip-Hop Dancing for you! Do you want to work out? Try kickboxing! If you sports the bungee jumping, it was as close as the fish you go for a walk at least on a regular basis. You will see how much good it does you, and that your condition improves soon.

So it’ll work with the weight loss: the 21-day principle, instead of torment diet. We give tips and ideas on how to keep track of his weight-loss goal in the long term and easily in the next Bikini season can start.