In the world can be a new dangerous virus – a zoonosis that is transmitted from animal to human spread may occur from normal chickens, said the American researcher Michael Greger.

A new virus can spread ordinary chicken meat which is used everywhere on the planet, said the scientist, writes Daily Mail.

The human body becomes vulnerable to viruses because of the conditions in which chickens as livestock hygiene is not respected and used various chemicals, said Greger.

A new strain of bird flu H5N1 appeared in 1997, became the first infected child in Hong Kong, he died of acute respiratory and organ failure.

Expert-infectious diseases Professor Michael Osterholm believes that H5N1 is similar to the Spanish flu epidemic that broke out in 1918, and can repeat its “success”.

Who had previously compared the peaks of diseases of coronavirus and the Spanish flu, noting that COVID-19 also can greatly worsen in the next year.