The woman's cunning has helped to detain the migrant-robber, neudavshayasya to her apartment

In Moscow detained a stranger from neighboring countries, caught in unsuccessful attempt of a robbery of a 40-year-old woman.

As the press service of the interior Ministry, the police asked a resident of Moscow, reported that in the apartment where she lives, closed a criminal.

the Woman said that the intruder broke into her home under the pretext of removal of the room. Once in the house, the visitor drew an object resembling a gun, started threatening the lady and ripped her gold chain.

the robbery Victim gave him the earrings and offered the money lying in a bag in the hallway. At this point, the scheme of the crime failed – the landlady popped out to the porch and locked the front door.

In the end, the suspect was detained by the appeared in time militiamen. The man claimed that the victim was “set up” and agreed. According to him, he has long been familiar with the victim and did not commit any crime. All that happened was revenge after an argument over financial dispute.

While the migrant was really a gun, only a toy.

In the circumstances of the crime have to deal with the guards.