Not knowing about the pregnancy a resident of South Africa suddenly gave birth during the exorcism. This publication reports the Pulse.

Thursday, July 9, the lady on Twitter told me about a friend who found it in the seventh month of pregnancy only after she started cramping. Before the woman has noticed any symptoms. Wearer Twitter explained that this was the so-called “phantom pregnancy”.

In comments to the post, another resident of South Africa mentioned that you also learned of her pregnancy just before birth. According to her, it happened when she was doing spring cleaning with my mother. The woman claims that suddenly felt a bit of pain. She decided that now she gets her period, but the pain continued to intensify.

At the initiative of the mother the woman was taken to the pastor to drive away evil spirits. The pain continued, then went into labor. The child was born in the midst of the exorcism. Only after that the mother and baby were taken to the hospital.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of des Moines, Iowa, didn’t notice that she was pregnant until she was in labor. Malaise she blamed on a bad back.