in The Uk, Helen Crouch (41) and burst into tears when she saw the tires of a car that is already in failure was lekgestoken were. Independent interior decorator, it is her job to be lost due to the coronamaatregelen, but it is now voluntary, the meals, the shopping, and medical care to elderly people in isolation, sitting down. While they are worried about the four wheels, got a notice that her car was vandalized. “I just can’t believe what it sounds like. “But we need to move forward.”

Since the outbreak of the corona virus brings Back a voluntary food and grocery shopping for the elderly, and to take advantage of drugs and running errands for them. It is also accessible by telephone in order to talk to the store. After delivery of such a meal on Saturday, I was in her car and, suddenly, in the system. She got in the car, they made a solution so that people in need would be able to help.

When she returned to the vehicle, which was waiting for her with a nasty surprise. We had the four tires lekgestoken. The broken Back and could not believe her eyes and burst into tears, and when it is the result of the vandalenstreek the film. “I’m a strong person, but I was rooted to the ground and began to cry,” she said in the British media.

the design

you can Also reason to suspect that the car will not be randomly targeted by vandals, it was. Of the back layers of flyers to let people know about the team of volunteers that will be ready in time of the same name. “The vehicles were not damaged, I have a car with a deliberately corrupted, so that I would not be able to run it. That’s just insane.”

the Fire service, Matt Goddard saw the pictures on social media and decided to call it a ‘crowd funding’ on the ground so that the tires could be replaced. After an hour or so, he had been the intended target of £ 500 (566 euro) will be collected. After a couple of days and that was more than four times. “Whatever Helen did, is a terrible thing,” says Goddard. “She’s a wonderful person, who is not only my family but also my parents-in insulation to help you out. The money that is left over goes to the volunteers.”

the Scrapyard

But the new tires could be replaced, or the car was towed away, she was notified that her car is once again vandalized it was. At this time, the windows shattered, and the vehicle will be scratched. “First of all, the pictures, and now this. I can’t believe what it sounds like. “I’m tired, I’m sick and tired of it, and of course I’m angry. The car is ready for the knacker’s yard.”

Helen Back’s not giving up, because they are aware that the volunteers, as they are so desperately needed in these times. “We need to move forward. There are people who need it. I’m not going to get here.” And they will get well. And they are losing already, her faith in humanity, and is very grateful to you for the collection of Goddard. “There is, to me, something bad will happen to you, but to people like Matt to show you that the majority are good people.”

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