The winners of the contest for participation in the international festival Cultural code

the results of the tender for participation of young artists in the international festival “Cultural code” – project of the presidential platform “Russia – country of opportunities” and the Russian popular front (onf). This is stated in the press release received by “”.

the Online competition took place from 26 March to 16 April. According to General Director of ANO “Russia – country of opportunities” Alexei Komissarov, applications for the competition were submitted by artists of different levels and from different regions of Russia. The names of the artists of the festival was determined by the expert Council of the project “Cultural code”.

One of the members of the expert Council, Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the onf Irina Plesea noted that a large number of applications it was necessary to select the best masters of their craft. “It is also important not to forget that the work must receive a positive assessment in the community and become a center of attraction not only for residents of the city or neighborhood,” she said.

To participate in the festival invited well-known artists, graffiti artists, and young. Among them Dmitry’ascq (Moscow), Group “BrainMash” (Novosibirsk oblast), Artem STFNV (Moscow), Stepan 310 (Moscow), Bozik (Republic of Tatarstan), Stas SHEM (Moscow) Rustam Qbic (Republic of Tatarstan), GOOZE ART (Krasnodar Krai), Paul OREZ (Amur oblast), Vasiliy LST (Irkutsk oblast), Victor SPLASH (Saint-Petersburg).

artistic is formed not only on the results of the competition – also the project will bring artists from the global community of graffiti artists who will be recommended by the expert Council and the organizers of the project. At the moment, to take part expressed a desire for more than 60 artists from different countries (Italy, Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands, Canada and others).