He was iconic with her long hair, hestehalen and the sometimes påmalede black lines under the eyes.

But in the hours of the former Turkish landsholdsmålmand Rüstü Recber in the hospital fighting a completely different battle. The against the vile coronaviruses.

For the now 46-year-old landskampsrekordholder is not just affected by the virus that has turned thousands of people the world over.

Recber is hit so hard that he had to be admitted to the hospital, telling his wife Isil on Instagram.

“Everything was normal, when he suddenly got symptoms very quickly, and we are still in shock. This is critical and difficult times,” writes Isil Recber.

she says She and the couple’s son and daughter all tested negative for covid-19, and now they must not see their father and husband in the hospital.

“This is the hardest part of it – we can’t be together with him. God is great, and he is handed over to the Turkish doctors. These days will also be over. Do not save on your prayers,” writes Isil Recber.

Rüstü Recber was as a goalkeeper known for its eye-catching appearance, but his career took him around to the big Turkish clubs like Fenerbahce and Besiktas – just as there was a single year to the long-haired goalkeeper in Barcelona.

in Addition, Recber also in the box, since Turkey in 2002 fetched a WORLD cup bronze in south Korea and Japan.

Meritterne think he hardly so much over these days, where he is cut off from the family and therefore is affected by the corona-symptoms so severe that a hjemmekarantæne was not enough for Rüstü Recber.

It has the iconic goalie former clubs Fenerbahce and Barcelona are also noted, and both clubs have sent their encouraging messages to Rüstü Recber on social media.

Now, Rüstü Recber and family so trying to gather all the strength to get through the disease right now, close large parts of the world down.