Against what the Americans rally, blocking streets and knocking over monuments pedestals? The answer is seemingly simple: racism. But the man who had been in America or who has it at least a superficial understanding, it is reasonable to ask: wait a minute, what there is there racism? Maybe blacks can not occupy any important positions? Or cafe hanging signs “black entry”? Or blacks are denied the right to enroll at University? Questions legitimate: black in the US is really allowed everything, in some cases even more than the rest.Racism from the point of view of our human, appears as a kind of apartheid: separate restrooms, separate seats in public transport and private schools. Against black dogs, batons, forged boots. If such shamelessness no means no and racism.The same point of view, by the way, holds a significant portion of American Republicans. First, the lamentations about racism is incomprehensible to the white hard workers living in a trailer and working for a ridiculous wage, to take seriously arguments about the age-old fault of white people for the oppression of blacks is difficult. Second, many educated Republicans, imbued with ideas of freedom and equality, and quite friendly related to all ethnic minorities, too, are indignant: they themselves are slaves are not kept, blacks are not discriminated against, so what’s the claim?To understand what was going on and why two parts of American society do not hear each other (not to mention a complete misunderstanding of the problem a considerable part of Russian society), it is necessary to understand how racism in the US are Democrats. And they see the its system: that is, from their point of view, the system of social relations in the country are built so that white would have all the privileges, and the black remained on the sidelines of life.In support of its position, the Democrats cited statistics. For example: historically among black unemployment in the United States per thousand population is higher. The average black worker receives only 62% of what gets the average white worker. The total income of a black in the US is lower than that of white (us$24.7 million versus $42.7 thousand per year). Despite the desegregation of schools more than half a century ago, about half of all American children are still attending “white” or “black” schools and “black” receive significantly less money in terms of student than “white” and black students much more often barred from classes.Next: a black man often refuse to mortgage loans, even if their level of income is the same as white, or even higher. Black is harder to obtain medical care (among blacks is twice that of the uninsured than among whites).Even considering the famous ratio of 13/50 (accounting for only 13% of the population, blacks owls��Reut more than 50% of all violent crimes), the law is more lenient to white. For example, the level of marijuana use among whites and blacks are roughly equal, but blacks hold for it is nearly four times as often. At conditionally-early release from prison for blacks is four times more likely than white, set police surveillance. The list goes: blacks are more frequently stopped on the street, frequently searched, often give longer sentences for the same crime, often considered “repeat offenders”, at least release on parole.And understand without exception all: 96% of Americans believe that black residents faced some degree of discrimination (in the poll Democracy Fund/UCLA could choose the degree from “easiest” to “hardest”). And therefore, in principle, with the idea that black lives matter, and that reforms are necessary, nobody argues that even in the most remote corners of the country is not so easy to find the real gostovskogo racist from Soviet cartoons.The only question is the recipe for deliverance: the Republicans believe that quite separate, point to slightly move the steering wheel of the American ship and align its course. Democrats this is not enough: from their point of view, the system consistently reproduces itself, and even the most honest and sincere of its cogs are doomed to reflect a long drawn racist plan.Nowhere are these differences are not manifested so clearly as in the recent speeches of Donald trump and Joe Biden, dedicated to the independence Day: while the President spoke about the greatness of America, Democrat Biden harped on the greatness awaiting the Americans the chance to fix it.The Democrats and Republicans shove each other from the steering wheel of the country, almost not listening and hearing each other. Now, apparently, in January 2021 on the bridge is destined to ascend Joe Biden: that he will steer the American ship on a level course, tried a sharp maneuver to throw it on the reefs of the civil conflict.But the danger is there: part of the crew that led to the government in 2016, Donald trump, over the past four years, less angry and desperate and less armed (literally and figuratively) did not.