The who has received from China new data about victims in China

China sent updated statistics on the coronavirus to the who, to provide more accurate information. This was stated by the expert of the organization Maria van Kerkhove.

“we are Talking about an additional 325 cases of infection and 1 of 290 deaths from Wuhan,” she said, noting that Beijing did not want to leave not one unfixed case.

According to Kerchove, the Chinese authorities cross-checked the data on cases and deaths from nursing homes, hospitals and prisons, as well as various databases. The expert stressed that since health care system in Wuhan has experienced a tremendous load, not all deaths were registered, and the doctors are not always filled out all the necessary documents.

“I Think that other countries will reconsider the statistics. It is desirable that this be done as soon as possible,” added Kerkhove.

Earlier, us President, Donald trump has accused Beijing understating published by the authorities of the country statistics on who died of coronavirus infection.