According to the forecast organization, in less than a week will be revealed almost one million infected people.

the world health organization (who) believe that the threshold of ten million infected with coronavirus infection the world will step over the next week. This was stated by the head of the organization Tedros Aden Gebreyesus during a briefing in Geneva.

So Gebreyesus reminded that the fight against the pandemic CoViD-19, it is necessary to throw all available forces.

One of the most important tools to fight the virus he named oxygen for patients whose disease is severe. According to him, at the current rate of spread of the epidemic daily, it takes about 620 thousand cubic meters of oxygen. The companies that produce oxygen concentrators, cannot handle the demand.

today the number affected with the disease exceeded 9.1 million around the world. While in Russia more than 606 thousand people. However, in our country the prevalence rates decline rapidly and significantly, the epidemic is on the decline. For example, today the number of new cases CoViD-19 in Moscow, reaching the lowest level since April 9, but the number of daily recovering Muscovites long been superior to this figure.