The United Nations (UN) plans to form a new world order. The Director Nikita Mikhalkov said in a broadcast of his show “Besogon”.

On 26 June, as reported by “the Rambler”, Mikhalkov published a new episode of “Besogon”. In the course of it he said that politicians use the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 for their own purposes, and the United Nations (UN) plans to form a new world order and it has to do with the protests that are currently taking place in the United States.

The Director called the American businessman bill gates mafia, accusing that he is guided by the principle of the mafia — he creates the problem then offers to solve it. According to Mikhalkov, gates collects money for the vaccine for coronavirus infection and at the same time face the fact that at the approach of the new outbreak of it.

In may, he stated that gates wants to microchip all people and to arrange the Apocalypse with the goal of reducing the world’s population, because that consumes too much food, oxygen and the like.