the minister of employment and Agriculture) and Hilde Crevits (CD&V) introduced on Tuesday the web site Thus, support for the prime minister to the farmers and growers who are looking for extra helping hands for the harvest. In april, the agriculture and horticulture sector is estimated at about 15 000 seasonal workers are needed. In may, there was estimated to be 25,000.

a lot of your own labor, of farmers, by the coronacrisis this year to Belgium. As the results of quite a few products in the next few weeks is not, in itself, it will take some time, searching for the sector of extra helping hands.

the new site is able to farmers is an urgent demand for migrant workers for their job openings to post. They will be able to select the type of work it is, and for what period of time. This can be done by using the computer, but it can also be made via the toll-free number 0800 30 700. VDAB is working jointly with the organizations in the sector.

if you are interested in a job with a farmer in the area can easily sign up through the website. That can be workers, student workers, retired people, or wijkwerkers it. Working in agriculture, is a federal measure, will also be available for many of the temporary unemployed. To give them an extra incentive to work in the agricultural sector, they will, after the approval of the measure by the government to 75 per cent of the daily allowance for temporary unemployment, which can be combined with an income in the agricultural sector.

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