the Residents of the residential care centres, which are seriously impaired, and with a corona is infested, shall not be taken to the hospital for treatment. This is the guideline adopted by the Belgian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, and the services of geriatrics of the university hospitals of Leuven and the university hospital of Ghent, to the coordinator of doctors of the residential care centres, and nursing services in the hospitals concerned. The writing in Time and Tomorrow on Tuesday.

It’s going to be the weakest rusthuisbewoners of whom, it is clear that they are of the feline corona virus and will die for it. “In the hospital, we could not do more than a good end-of-life care, and to provide a sheltered them can. Take them to the hospital and transport them to die mensonwaardig are,” says professor Nele Van Den Noortgate, of the university hospital of Ghent, belgium.

rusthuisbewoners who, due to dementia or mental problems, so weak, that there is a high probability that they are within a year of dying, you will be asked to work with the family to devise a solution. “It’s going to be patients who have a treatment is life-sustaining to work, but the chance of cure is very low,” says Van Den Noortgate.

finally, Van Den Noortgate, stresses that the guidelines are in line with what is common in other disorders. “Take good care of is sometimes a not dare to realize the fact that people are dying, and that the process is not unduly stretched.” By the older inhabitants, without any chance of survival in homes for the elderly to keep them, will disappear in addition to the risk of infection, for example, in the ambulance or hospital staff. And it is to be avoided and that the hospitals are responsible for.

Margot Cloet, of the topvrouw of the zorgkoepel Zorgnet-Icuro, it says to have an understanding of what the guidelines say. “But you must have enough protective equipment available for staff in the care of the elderly, to protect them.”

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