MOSCOW, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. Russia is in a difficult situation, how it will come out of it depends on the Russians, but the main role is now played by doctors, said the chief transplant surgeon of Ministry of healthcare of Russia Sergei Gauthier in the framework of the online marathon of Doctor Jazz Party organized by MIA “Russia Today” and “Red square” with the support of the Russian Fund of direct investments.

“it’s nice that you can apply right now to our people, to our professionals in order to Express their feelings about what is happening. The country is now in a difficult situation, and how we will go, largely depends on our fellow citizens, to their mind, discipline, and behavior,” said Gaultier.

He noted that the main role is now played by the doctors and all the doctors that are associated with the treatment of Russians, saving their lives.

“Therefore, any initiative aimed at increasing capabilities of medicine to improve treatment outcomes is a very good initiative, and if it is still connected with art, like jazz, it is even more pleasant. Hold on guys, we’ve got you covered!” – said Gaultier.

Charity online marathon Doctor Jazz Party, aims to support physicians, started on Thursday, April 30. The festival is held MIA “Russia today”. The organization of the festival deals with the media company “Red square”. The festival supports the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF).

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