on the Eve of may holidays happened the third appeal of President Putin. He said that and why, told about the measures of the cruelty of Ancient Sparta and touching story of Jack London.

appeal to the people was in the form of a conference call. The President spoke and saw (on screen) the Prime Minister, governors, and other officials; and we saw all of them.

But what was said of the all-powerful (in their regions) governors? On may 2nd, on the official Kremlin website appeared a complete record of the event.

the news gets old, but the story never becomes obsolete. The opening of the archives after 50 and 100 years is of great interest. We do not learn about the events. We learn about the mechanism of power.

This article is about the mechanism of our government. And just say: we never so did not sympathize with the President. Boggles the mind that he has to endure. Now you will understand it, unless, of course, will be able to sustain at least a small part of what April 28, fell to his share.

after Reading the introduction, Putin gave the floor to the head of Rospotrebnadzor. We left from her speech only the essence, and that is not all.

POPOV. Over the past month the rate of increase in the number of infected people has decreased in 3,5 times in the last month of the measures that have been implemented in accordance with Your decree, from 27 percent to 7 percent today. In the country to date was 93 558 cases in 85 constituent entities, for the last day – 6411 cases and incidence rate per 100 thousand population, and epidemiological indicators considered per 100 thousand population today is 63,7. And it’s almost the 50th place in the overall ranking of countries, if considered not in absolute numbers, that, in General, absolutely correct.

You understand something? We don’t even understand which place is worse — the first or the 50th? And about the “decline in growth” is speculation for those who do not learn in school. If yesterday one was ill and today the two, then an increase of 100%. But if sick 100 thousand, and the day added a thousand, it is only 1% growth. You can be proud of.

To the numbers (more precisely digits) we’ll be right back. But first let’s say about the General atmosphere of the meeting. If to formulate it in three words, you get “thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich”. At the meeting it sounded dozens of times. And that’s how it sounded the other numbers, we are unable to calculate. Although the number of (sick, healthy, medical ventilators, beds, rubles, etc.) is the most important in the reports. The word “try”, “hope”, “promise”, “control” could not be verified, they are too vague. Therefore, we now show looks like arithmetic, when the Governor reports to the President.

KOBZEV (the Governor of the Irkutsk region). Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, 105 cases, 13 children per day to 3.9%, and 37 people died 4, Bo��her 41 thousands of studies, over 36 thousand people, up 1.4 thousands of studies, 4 studies, 63 patients, 10 people, 3 people, a 10-minute Observatory, 237 people, almost 1.2 thousand people, 20 people, more than 2 thousand people, filled by 5.4%, 242 people, including 47 children, 18-year-man, April 28, at 100 percent, 100% all hospitals are staffed, 7 infectious, 1195 beds, 100% of the plan, ready 836 beds with oxygen supply, 418 beds with a ventilator, 956 million rubles from the Federal budget. And special thanks for this, 100%, 100% cars, 269 million roubles from the Federal 281, to 1.5 billion, 800 million roubles, from 3 to 7 years from June 1, nearly 107 thousand children, 200 million rubles, up to 0.5%, more than 14 thousand rubles, about 16 thousand rubles, more than 700 people, more than 20 billion rubles, 17 billion more, 20 units, 3 ground areas, 3 apartment houses, 5 tenements, 155 individual. We will not stop. And the coronavirus, we do not interfere. The report concluded. Thank you for your attention.

One such performance would be enough for a normal person to go crazy. The next was not easy.

Leonid RAZVOZZHAYEV (head of Sevastopol). Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. The dynamics of growth of 15%, 37 cases, 9 recovered, 2 heavy, 450 thousand people, more than 700 thousand people, today, 224, 465 beds, simple 278 is 67 according to plan, 138, instead of 78, it was planned 39, 100 percent, 39 and there is, unfortunately, 26%, 63 apparatus, 2 days, 21 Millerovskiy box, 42 beds with oxygen, 60 seats 36 people, 2 months, 2 weeks, 15 days, 30% from 1 April, 1 patient 2 weeks, 2 packages, 2 offers, a very important 249 decree of 3 years, 5 thousand rubles, 1 unit in 2017, is under 3, 1600 families, March 1, after March 1, 10 thousand people, 1,500 rubles, 1500 rubles, after March 1. Mr President, actually, everything. The report is finished.

Why? Why would they listen to the endless “help”, where I piled such an amount of numbers which is even a mathematical genius would not be able to remember, do not say to understand, appreciate, etc.? Now I understand why in the beginning we said quite sincerely that sympathized with the President. It’s torture, hellish torment. And he was, kept a straight face, showed no tiredness, no disgust or even boredom.

Not all were so patient. Someone (on the screen is clearly visible) wandered wild-eyed, someone was dozing.

lest you think that the reports of the governors become difficult to understand because of our cuts, here’s the most concise in its entirety. (You can skip — nothing to lose).

NIKOLAEV (head of the Chuvash Republic). Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, dear colleagues, good afternoon. Of the 609 scheduled beds, which would have to deploy in the Chuvash Republic, to date all 609 deployed. In addition, as per your instructions, we, of course, shareserver��van the possibility of additional deployment of beds. If oxygen things are more or less normal, that is, 426 of the planned beds we will finish tomorrow by providing a full oxygen, with a ventilator, the situation remains difficult. This is a 53 bed far provided, which is 24.9%. But the epidemic, which is in the region of us today allows these funds to get out of the situation. Just today we have 502 diseased person, and the average growth rate slightly above the national average is 12.2 percent. But, then, the growth rate for the last day they have stabilized. And here we are just like all colleagues, keep under special attention in patients with community-acquired pneumonia. Those we have to date 70 people. Quite a happy moment for us — today we sent 38 people as recovered. Well, during this period we have these made up 97 people. However, as I said, that allows us to 53 of the apparatus to provide patients, we have to date, 8 people is located under the ventilator, as has been indicated, the apparatus 53 is in the field. In order to provide the necessary number of devices, we concluded all the necessary contracts. This is primarily due to the funds that were allocated from the Federal budget in accordance with your decisions, Mr President. And expected for may delivery 145 of the ventilator. And the first 10 of them should reach us in early may and the 10th 50. Continue on schedule. So we then will provide with all the necessary regulations. But in order for us to control the situation, we have a clear plan of action for routing the available resuscitators that are in other health care institutions in the case that the epidemic will develop in a dysfunctional scenario.

Vladimir Putin, in accordance with your instructions, we do not weaken our attention other areas of health. Of course, while keeping not only the number of beds in these health institutions, but also the need that there was the necessary equipment to provide patients with the whole range of medical care. Here’s to our Republic inherent in the mortality rate for cardiovascular diseases and cancer. But the current statistics of this year shows that these two types of disease have positive dynamics. If cardiovascular is 11.2 percent decrease in mortality for cancer 8.2 percent. This is undoubtedly the result of the work performed to date, primarily in the framework of national projects. Mr President, the Republic is grateful to you for what you constantly keep��e the situation under control, taking a very important and necessary decisions in all spheres and in health, in the field of business support, to support people who find themselves in difficult situations. And naturally we take all the necessary decisions at the regional level and bring them at an accelerated pace to the public. And the joint work within the implementation of your decisions with colleagues from the Federal government allows us almost hourly to solve arising problems we have, including a ventilator, where I reported you. Well, as a consequence — to change the situation. Thank you, this concludes my report.

can you Imagine? Imagine, what’s happening with the brain and mind of man, when he listens to a dozen such reports in a row? After all, the benefits of this do not have any. The numerical Blizzard remember the sick Prime?.. Would be better if they passed their papers to the office. Because they (if noticed) everything is fine, everything is 100%, the doctors from the Windows not released. No speaker asked for medication for your region not have asked for masks, biohazard suits, disinfectants. Familiar: “All get well like flies. The patient does not have time to get to the infirmary as it is already healthy; and not so much medicines, how much honesty and order” (Gogol).

in Addition to the dozen governors and Ministers who are sticking on the screen hundreds (if not thousand) were sitting in their offices, is invisible to us is connected to the Main office of the country. What is the meaning of the governors of Tula, Vologda, Krasnoyarsk and others to hear about the interest and berths of Sevastopol, Chuvash Republic, etc.? And the situation of each of the Governor is desperate, the mountain of urgent tasks crowd waiting for admission, who sits at 3 PM and 8 PM (Moscow time), and then for you to snack about Indians and Spartans.

It met the collective mind or the collective brake? The governors and Ministers sat still (at the time build they have). Inspired or disappointed by this show workers brainstorming? After Chuvashia remained ahead of the 79 regions. It would have passed, but the President did not survive the torture.

PUTIN. Thank you. Dear colleagues! Today’s debate showed that in General there has been progress in the right direction, in the right amount, at the right pace. As I said, it is impossible to relax. We will continue to work. Thank you for your ideas, for your suggestions that have been made now in the course of our discussion.

God, what people think about their governors, when they tell the President that their provinces are all 100 per cent and ahead of schedule.

a Great country! 9 time zones! In the East of Russia has long been the middle of the night, when I spoke to the head of Sakhalin, and Irkutsk oblast…

Is exhausted, the governors then went ��to cowadice country to solve the issues? Or, as any normal man, not to lose your mind vzharil in the glass, then on the second…