The world has more than 3.2 million cases of infection COVID-19, and the geography of a pandemic covers more than 180 countries. Thursday to this list was added another: the government of Tajikistan officially announced the identification of the first cases COVID-19, although for a long time claimed that their country is infected not. However, the world still remain, the state whose authorities claim that it is the coronavirus has not penetrated are ten microstates of Oceania, two African countries and two Asian.Africalist: to gather only pohoronnoe was one of two African countries, which until now was not officially registered any case of infection COVID-19. Local authorities put it a merit: they do not have to wait for COVID-19 will come into the Kingdom and decided to be proactive, introducing restrictions on travel from 29 March to 21 April. Later the restrictions were extended until 5 may.Photo: AFPИз house you can only go out for necessities and medical care. Limit the operation of supermarkets and grocery stores (they are open from 8 to 14 hours and only on weekdays). Public transport works a little longer: 8 to 16 hours.Suspended schools.However, the number of participants should not exceed 50 people.Entry and exit from Lesotho is prohibited, with the exception of delivery of essential goods, including medical.When moving between Lesotho and other countries, mainly South Africa, to provide or obtain emergency medical care you must obtain permission from the Ministry of internal Affairs.However, although the regime of self-isolation in the country will be valid until the beginning of may, the diamond companies got the opportunity to resume in late April. Among them is a British company Gem Diamonds that are working at the mine “Letseng”.Comoros: tear gas against COVID-19Второй country, to avoid the proliferation on its territory COVID-19, steel Comoros.However, despite the similarity with Lesotho restrictive measures here was a bit different.From 23 March the country was suspended flights. Ports are closed to travelers from countries with confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. Gathering a large and noisy company here will not work. Thus, residents of the Comoros will have to wait to celebrate weddings and anniversaries, as well as political meetings. Suspended their work and institutions of education. Limited number of passengers in public transport. For example, the 11th passenger in the bus already will be superfluous. While a resident of Komory will not be allowed in banks, pharmacies and medical centers without a mask. From April 25 to anyone who will come out from 8 PM to 5 am is considered a violator of the curfew.Law enforcement agencies strictly enforce the introduction of��governmental measures. Eyewitnesses say about the victims. “Most people fled from the mosques through the Windows, one of them broke his leg,” reports NNN. The smell of gas was supposedly so strong that even the next morning it was possible to feel.Asiaturkey: Novruz without other”If there was one confirmed case of the coronavirus, we would have immediately informed the world health organization in accordance with our obligations”,— assured the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov on April 22. Thus the head of the Turkmen diplomacy has tried to disavow the publication of several media on hiding the real situation with the new coronavirus in the country.Preventive measures Turkmen authorities began to take in February. In addition to the race horses were a beauty contest of these animals, particularly beloved by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, as well as other entertainment events. While the new coronavirus is still made some adjustments to the festivities in this Central Asian state. For example, in the events dedicated to the holiday Novruz, was not attended by foreign diplomats and representatives of international organizations, reports “RIA Novosti”.Official reports of the Turkmen officials tend to believe not all, doubt in the “Asian miracle” including the Russian authorities.North Korea: most importantly, how scottevest North Korea also deny the existence of confirmed cases of infection COVID-19. In January, North Korea has closed its border with China, as part of its own citizens and foreigners, the government sent in isolation. Residents were obliged to wear masks.Photo: Kyodo, ReutersВпрочем, many believe that DPRK authorities are hiding the truth. The ability of the medical system of North Korea is very limited. Moreover, 40% of the population is chronically malnourished. All this means that if the spread of the virus situation in the country could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, according to Bloomberg.The same conclusion comes and the President of the State Committee of hygiene North Korea, Park Myung soo. “If this virus will spread in our country with a small population and small area, to avoid catastrophe will not succeed,” reports the Mainichi.Oceaniaafrica Nauru: osdev life in the small state of Nauru in Oceania, too, there are no documented cases of infection COVID-19.Despite this, on 16 March the head of state Lionel Angela signed a Declaration declaring a state of emergency for a period of 30 days. So, were introduced 14-day quarantines for arriving in the country of foreign citizens, as well as reduced flights from other countries.”Nauru is particularly vulnerable to the threat of coronavirus. In case it enters the country, the consequences can be devastating. Our first and foremost goal is to protect lyudey,” reads a government statement posted on Twitter .So, in April the President said that this situation will remain in the country for one or two years until it is developed and becomes available vaccine against this virus.Tuvalu: shut seheme one state without COVID-19 remains Tuvalu. The government of this small country March 20, also became the path of struggle with the penetration of the disease. Despite the absence of confirmed cases of infection, it announced the introduction of a state of emergency. Authorities imposed restrictions on entry as well as quarantine and medical inspection for all arrivals from other countries. The country’s borders were closed to arrival of ships and aircraft, except those that deliver vital goods. Restrictions also affected and public meetings, and the school was closed. For violation of these restrictions and the spread of fake-news was introduced punishment.Also, the government has decided to support business through lending.Marshall Islands: West panoramabad them that there are no coronavirus and the Marshall Islands, where the government suspended the entry into the country, as well as internal international airlines.For the detection of coronavirus and the adoption of preventive measures to the Marshall Islands was allocated to foreign aid. The world Bank provided $2.5 million for health system strengthening.Tonga: not important TabletKiosk Tonga — an island nation located to the South of Samoa and East of Fiji. Like its Northern neighbor, the Kingdom of Tonga has not yet registered cases of infection. However, the decision on the introduction of restrictive measures was adopted: March 20, the government declared a state of emergency. It will last until may 15, unless decided otherwise. Accordingly, during this period, all who wished to visit the Kingdom will have to postpone the trip. All international flights to arrive in Tonga until June 12, will be diverted to other places. The only exception will be the flights, which will be approved by the Ministry of health.However, there are limitations. Without special permission it is impossible to go outside from 9 PM to 5 am. The state’s residents are advised to observe social distance and use of protective equipment.Such strict measures of the state in which not a single case of infection, due to the fact that the country’s health system is unable to combat the pandemic in case of spread COVID-19.Palau: to meet the enemy head – “We are remote, we are small, and so we will be able to cope with the problem situation. However, if the virus enter the country, the situation is much more complicated, and you must not let��ü”,— said the President of the Republic of Palau Thomas Remengesau Reuters.Not wanting to face repeated infection with the novel coronavirus, the government has gone the way of many other microstates by entering your preventive measures.As in many other countries, there do not fly commercial aircraft, and the students there do not go to class.Special measures were taken in order to meet the “enemy” head-on if the coronavirus yet penetrated into the country. Thus, the national hospital of Palau alert to combat COVID-19 (.pdf).Micronesia: follow inostrancami one state of coronavirus — federated States of Micronesia, where it was also introduced some restrictive measures. Those who have visited China since January 6, will not be able to enter the territory of Micronesia. Restrictions touched and coming from other countries with confirmed cases COVID-19. In addition to the measures relating to travellers, the restrictions were imposed for the local people. For example, as in many other countries, schools don’t work.In mid-April, President David Panuelo approved a package of measures to stimulate the economy, including subsidies on wages. The size of this package is $15 million Kiribati: Pacific family not basicnet cases of infection with the novel coronavirus and in the Republic of Kiribati. But the government does not intend to sit idly by waiting for their appearance. To prevent adverse development of the situation the lovers are temporarily denied entry into the country. So, in a decision released on March 17, local residents are also advised not to travel to countries where there are confirmed cases of coronavirus.In turn, those wishing to visit the Republic today, when the world is engulfed in a pandemic, needs to spend 14 days in quarantine in a country where there are no confirmed cases of infection.But that’s not all. The responsible authorities in Kiribati must provide a certificate stating that arriving healthy. Thus the violator of the rules of quarantine will be quarantined. At the same time, the tiny island nation is not left without external assistance. For example, Australia has provided $4.5 million Australian dollars ($2.9 million) for help in confronting the consequences of a possible epidemic. The Australian foreign Minister Maris Payne and the Minister for international development and the Pacific Alex hawke believe that the solution to the problem requires a collective effort. “We never faced a problem of scale COVID-19, but we will fight it together as a Pacific family,” reports their words in Facebook the high Commissioner of Australia to Kiribati Bruce Could.Samoa: PE island masshtabakh the North of the Republic of Kiribati is a state of Oceania — Samoa. Despite the ��the country status free from the new coronavirus, the government also introduced restrictive measures. So, on April 17 has been extended a state of emergency.To go food and commodities is now possible only at certain hours. Sunday will have not have time to shop for a small period of time — from 15 to 18 hours.As well as to many other countries to Samoa today is not accessible, neither by air nor by sea. To meet more than five people, too, will fail. All public places and schools to visit are closed.Like many other island Nations, Samoa has faced with the economic consequences COVID-19. Owing to the restrictions imposed 50 hotels were closed.The risk of increasing the number of unemployed remains high, according to the Association of hotels Samoa. To help the tourism industry the government of Samoa adopted a package of economic assistance. Open borders is not yet in sight.However, one-on-one with this problem, including with the economic consequences of preventive measures, Samoa does not remain. So, help the government will provide the Asian development Bank. The size will be about $3 million Vanuatu: virus and cyclone “Harold”Although the new coronavirus has not penetrated to the Republic of Vanuatu, he has significantly complicated the lives of its inhabitants. Due to the devastating cyclone, many people were left homeless. 70% of homes in the second largest city in the state Luganville was destroyed. The message on the island is disrupted due to fallen trees blocking the road. With the delivery of foreign aid is complicated for several reasons. For example, an Australian Board with necessities was forced to stand for three days in quarantine.It is not allowed entry into the country of foreign nationals who wish to help in combating the effects of the cyclone.Solomon Islands: go to fight volontariamente of the Island while staying zone without the coronavirus. In order to maintain the status of the country not affected by the pandemic, in the Solomon Islands was a state of emergency. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has announced that the state of emergency will consist of three stages. “During this period will be a curfew for 24 hours, and only certain services will be able to work”,— said the head of the government in early April, the phase I measures, reports Xinhua.To disseminate information about the threat of a pandemic in the country was formed by a group of health workers and volunteers. People are advised to keep your distance, avoid public places and adhere to the rules of hygiene.In addition to the campaign to inform the public, the government closed the Maritime boundary with the island of Bougainville, which is the territory of Papua New Guinea.Svetlana Kochetkova