Tottenham against Liverpool. And Chelsea against Arsenal. Four teams in the English Premier League are in the final of the Champions League and Europa League play.

it’s The latest in the history of European club football foot. And clearly shows The dominance of the English League is becoming clearer. The TV money in the billions to ensure that the Premier League sets new standards.

The semi-finals of the Champions League were so compelling, so disturbing, so great as never. The want services from Liverpool and Tottenham are moments for the history books. And also the semi-finals of the Europa League were advertising for the football.

Now you are the Trendsetter

The economic resources of the English clubs are almost unlimited. Paired with the unique Spirit and these enormous football culture on the island, this is the Mix that pulls us this week, so in the spell.

There was a time when people laughed at the mother country of football, tired. In times, where all only have of Tiki-Taka spoke to seemed to the Englishman to miss the connection.

Far from it. Now you are with your force, your speed, your shift game and your travelling style send Offensive, the Trendsetter. And turning the big wheel.

As the American billionaire John Henry 2010 the Liverpool FC has taken over, because he had to scroll 380 million on the table. Now the club is supposed to be almost two billion in value.

On Twitter wrote to Henry after the historic night, and the victory against Barcelona: “there is nowhere else in the world.”