the third duel against one of the Big has lost the Nati. This is a cause for concern? Only for daydreamers. After all, who actually believed that the Swiss with Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic could be the same ride as with Italy, Latvia, Austria and Norway, fail to recognize the reality.

The Big 6 and are not part of the Swiss if they should surpass the Czechs in the world ranking list are to us in terms of number of quality players still at least a step ahead.

This is not to say that the Swiss against the Top Teams have a chance. But-bottomed these teams, you can afford no interruptions. Against Sweden and especially against the Czech Republic it was in the heat of battle some of them. The Russians were, however, in the current cast, and with the right attitude on Sunday is simply too strong.

the national team will not be Underestimated as a Vice-champion for a long time. Since the opponents are pulling out all the stops. Therefore, it will be in the quarter-final is crucial to find the perfect mixture of a cool head and hot heart.

this can also be a more strong players occupied opponent to beat.